Double Beams

Alumawood Double Beams

A header beams job is to support roof panels or rafters, the beam rests on top of the posts below and typically run paralell to your home, standard construction is with a single beam, but a second beam can be added for strength and more robust appearance, having two beams is referred to as a "Double Beam".

Do you want a larger beam?
Add a second beam for a 9" wide beam profile (two 3" x 8" beams spaced 3" apart), popular for your decorative columns or to compliment architecture on upscale custom home.

Double Beam vs. Steel Beam Inserts?

The 16 Gauge steel insert used for a single beam is usually about equal to a double beam without any inserts, this can be a good way to maximize post spacing on a concrete slab. Typically the smaller sized covers opt for the single beam with a reinforcement insert instead of using the double beams, larger jobs usually opt for the double beams, especially when decorative columns are used.

For jobs that want larger post spacing 14 or 12 gauge inserts need to be used, which sometimes means using the double beams with both of the hollow beams having steel inserts.

How do beams attach to posts?

Beams attach to the side of the 3" square posts with #14 screws or 1/4" machine bolts depending on the application. Access holes 5/8" in size are used to pass drill and hardware through the beam and into the posts.

Is two 3x8 beams that sandwich the posts, and are secured to the sides of the posts. sideplates wither terminate underneath or the optional decorative columns can be used. Either way a 3" x 3" post will need to be used for spacing and securing the beams together.


Double Beams are used for looks and somtimes to increase post spacing,

How wide is the beam? Total width from outside to outside of beam is 9", each beam is 3" wide and the beams are spaced 3" apart.

Why are double beams used with columns? Most columns are 8" wide with about a 10" cap, having a wider beam design compliments the columns more than a single beam would that's only 3" wide.


is simply two 3" x 8" Beams, this increases post spacing and creates a large beam profile, beams are spaced 3 inches apart, spaced by the 3" x 3" posts. , with two beams there is more strength as well as a larger beam design that adds a more robust look which works well in certain designs. Alumawood is very versitile and the Double Beams complements the addition of the square or round columns, we offer a 8" and a 10" column, the two beams and post have a 9" overall width which looks size appropriate for the larger columns.

Newport Patio Cover Double Beams

Alumawood Pergola Double Beams

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