Alumawood Upgrades

Ceiling Fan Beams

Alumawood Ceiling Fan Beam

The Ceiling Fan Beam Hanger allows you to install a Ceiling Fan on the Solid Patio Covers. The Ceiling Fan Screws to the Fan Beam Hanger from the under side of the roof panel and the Fan Beam Hanger cannot be seen.

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Alumawood Fan Beams.

Alumawood Lights

Recessed Alumawood Lights from The Light Strip

Light Strip runs entire distance of the projection and goes between two of the roof panels.

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Alumawood Light Strips

Decorative Columns

Decorative Columns

Decorative columns replace the "H" Post, columns are available in aluminum or fiberglass/polymer.

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Alumawood Columns

Ledger Board Wrap

Ledger Board Wrap

The Ledger Wrap is only used when a ledger board is being installed, the wrap covers and protects the ledger board.

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Alumawood Ledger Wrap

Double Beams

Alumawood Double Beams

Double Beams adds strength and gives a robust large construction look, the double beams are very popular when used with round or square columns.

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Alumawood Double Beams

Alumawood 2" x 3" Lattice

Alumawood 2" x 3" Lattice Tubes

The 2" x 3" Alumawood Lattice Tubes are an upgrade over the 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" and 2" x 2", the larger 2" x 3" offers more shade (60% vs 50%) and is a thicker guage aluminum.

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Alumawood Lattice Tubes

Newport Easy Clean Gutter

Alumawood Newport Easy Clean Gutter

The Alumawood Newport cover has an optional Easy Clean Gutter that is easier to clean than the Rollform Gutter is, leaves and pine needles can be pulled out from above the gutter with the Easy Clean, if you have trees this is a great upgrade for future maintenance. The Traditional and Insulated patio covers come with Easy Clean Gutters standard.

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