Ceiling Fan Beams

Alumawood Ceiling Fan Beam

Fan Beams are the most popular Alumawood upgrade, a ceiling fan will dramatically change the temperature in the hot summer months.

Newport and Insulated covers use different beams, the Newport uses a rectangle tube that is installed on top of the roof panel and the roof panel is capped, the Insulated covers also use a rectangle tube but it is embedded inside of the 3" thick foam panel.

Whats included:
Try-Tech provides the beam, you provide the ceiling fan and wiring, you get to choose the fan you want.

How many fan beams do I need?
Usually one to two fan beams is enough for most covers, it depends on the size of your patio cover, generally you will want to space 10' apart minimum.

Fan Beam & Patio Cover not UL Approved. Certified Electrician required to install electrical. No wiring installation instructions available. Conformance to the applicable electrical code is outside the scope of the ICC ESR 1398 Engineering Report and must be approved separately.

Alumawood Newport Ceiling Fan Beam

Newport Fan Beam Drawing

Fan Beam Dimensions: 1 1/2" x 2 1/2" x 0.048" 6005T5 Aluminum, located on top of the roof panel.
The Newport cover has a Fan Beam Cap, this covers the entire 6" wide roof panel, the cap will keep out water making a "dry roof panel".

Alumawood Insulated Ceiling Fan Beam

Insulated Patio Cover Fan Beam

Fan beam dimensions: 1" x 3" Aluminum , located in bottom middle of panel.
No fan beam cap is needed, the fan beam is molded into the foam of the panel.

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