You will enjoy the look, low maintenance and simple functionality of the Alumawood™ Laguna Lattice. Alumawood™ Pergolas highlight the best points of real wood look without the common maintenance requirements of the traditional wood patio covers. The Alumawood™ Laguna Lattice product is the top of the line brand name with a rustic cedar wood texture and finished with a weather-resistant, anticorrosive Aluma-Shield℠ silicon polyester paint with Teflon® surface protector.

With the Alumawood Lattice being available in up to a 20' projection and at any length, the option of decorative rafter and beam end cuts and a popular selection of colors you will be able to compliment your home with the Alumawood™ product.

Alumawood Freestanding Pergola with Rock Columns

Attachment Options

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Alumawood End Cap and Color Options

There is no upcharge for the Alumawood Laguna Lattice Covers four optional End Caps styles, the End Caps go on the Beam Rafters; the aluminum is cut to the end cap shape and the plastic end cap is secured to the aluminum.

Optional End Cap Styles Alumawood Colors

Colors are also no additional upcharge.

The exclusive Aluma-Shield℠ paint system with the addition of Teflon® surface protector provides extended longevity, superior durability and ease of maintenance.

Alumawood™ Posts: You have the choice between our standard Alumawood "H" style post or our optional AFCO 8" Aluminum Round Fluted Columns with your Alumawood Arbor Lattice Kit. The "H" style post consists of a 3" x 3" x .024" thick post sandwhiched between two 2" x 6 1/2" Sideplates; the sideplates are dent resistant due to a foam insert. The 8" Aluminum Round Fluted Columns give a robust look and large spans between Columns has the optimal effect, this generally requires the use of a Steel "C" Beam Insert that slides inside the 3" x 8" Box Beam.

Post Inserts: In situations where the span between posts requires a heavier post the Aluminum or Steel Cloverleaf Post Inserts are used; the Inserts slide into the 3" x 3" post and cannot be seen once installed. On the Round Aluminum Columns a Cloverleaf insert is used for the strucural support.

Alumawood™ Box Beam: The aluminum Box Beam is supported by either the "H" style posts or the 8" Aluminum Round Columns; the Box Beam is 3" x 8" x .042" thick. The span capability of the Box Beam varies depending on the projection and roof design load, to increase the span of the Box Beam a Steel "C" Beam Insert can be used.

Alumawood™ Rafters: The Alumawood rafters are generally spaced 24" on center however they can also be spaced at 12" or 18" on center; the Rafters are offered in 2" x 6 1/2" or 3" x 8". The 2" x 6 1/2" rafters are available in .024", .032" and .040" thickness while the 3" x 8" is available in .042" only; the different thickness or size is determined by the span of the rafters and the design load based off of the product engineering.

Alumawood™ Lattice Tubes: Three sizes of Lattice Tubes available at no addition upcharge:1 1/2" x 1 1/2", 2" x 2" and 2" x 3"; the 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" and 2" x 2" offer 50% shading and the 2" x 3" offers 60% shading.

Attachment Options: The Arbor Lattice can be attached to the Wall, Fascia, Roof Top or Freestanding; with a Freestanding the posts are poured directly into Concrete Footings. More about attached & freestanding...

DIY Kit Prices: Approximately $10.50 per square foot for the basic attached Arbor Lattice Kit, Freestanding Kits are more and vary on price. If you require a snow load the price will be higher. To get a price for your particular Do-It-Yourself Patio Kit please call us at 800-531-5994 or fill out the appropriate free quote form.

Installation Instructions: Every kit comes with Installation Instructions to walk you through every step, the average homeowner can follow the instructions and install their cover usually in a weekend. We offer technical assistance as part of our service to you, so if you have a question about the installation procedure all you have to do is call us at 800-531-5994 Monday - Friday.
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Complete Kit: Everything included ready to install the Arbor Lattice Pergola; the Rafters, Lattice Tubes, Posts, Side Plates, Box Beam, End Caps, Attaching Brackets and Hardware.
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Arbor Lattice Options: Double Beams, Round or Fluted Columns, Column Trim, Steel C-Beam Inserts, Steel Post Inserts, Taller Posts and Ledger Wrap.
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Limited Lifetime Warranty on materials and paint finish guarantee the product will last you for many years to come.

Product engineering provided to help with your permit process; we offer both ICC and IAPMO Engineering Reports.

Sizes Available: Alumawood Arbor Lattice from 6' up to a 20' projection and any length is available.

Nationwide Shipping

Delivered via Freight Truck in Heavy Duty Boxes.
  • A Patio Cover ordered on a Monday is on its way to you by the following Monday of the next week.
  • The Patio Cover is carefully packaged in 500lb test cardboard boxes and shipped direct to your driveway.
  • The Patio will come via Common Carrier Freight Truck in 5-6 boxes (typically) and is easily handled by two people.
  • We offer Cost Effective Nationwide Freight rates.
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Pickup Locations available in:

Delivered via Freight Truck in Heavy Duty Boxes.

Sacramento, CA Romoland, CA Anaheim, CA and Phoenix, AZ.
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