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Attaching to your homes Fascia Board

Attaching to the Fascia is a popular installation option, especially for homes that have a low roof overhang height; another reason is for a seamless look where the patio cover is a continuation of the roof. If you have a low roof overhang attaching to the wall just does not allow enough patio cover height, however make sure you keep in mind that solid roof patio cover awnings require a roof slope of 1/2" per foot minimum; the farther your projection extends the lower the cover will become. Fascia boards are required to be of 2"x wood, more Fascia Board Installation information can be found below.

Is your Roof Eave strong enough?:

The aluminum awnings are designed to a specific live load or snow load per square foot and a wind factor in mph, the aluminum awning will potentially transfer that designed load to your homes eave overhang. Your eave overhang needs to be built strong enough to handle the additional stress the aluminum awning will place on it.

Some eave overhangs are strong enough to handle the aluminum awnings additional load and some are not; the list below displays the variables that determine if your eave overhang is strong enough based on the products IBC / ICC 2012 Engineering Report and you can apply your information to the eave overhang design table.

  • Rafter Size
  • Rafter Spacing
  • Roof Overhang Projection
  • Size of Desired Awning Cover
  • Design Load
  • Wind Factor & Exposure

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