Patio cover attachment options

The attachment options apply to all DIY kits.

Attaching to Wall or Ledger Board

Wall attachment

Popular on 2 story homes or homes on the gable end wall, wall hanger attaches directly to your siding, Pergola Lattice covers do need a ledger board in most cases.

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Attaching to Homes Fascia Board

Fascia attachment

Great for single story homes, helps to maximize ceiling height.

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Attaching on Roof Top

Roof top attachment

Try-Tech Patios does not supply the hardware, brackets or wood ledger board, we will supply you with a list of the required materials you will purchase locally and we are happy to go over what you will need to do.

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Freestanding Attachment


Great for areas away from the home over outdoor kitchens or hot tubs, Try-Tech Patios does not supply the steel posts that need to be poured into the footings, the factory doesn't offer these posts but we can walk you through the process of purchasing your own posts.

Post attachment options

Posts can attach to a concrete slab, wood deck or concrete footing, your particular application will determine what will be best for you.

Concrete slab and wood deck attachments do have a limiting span between posts, for snow loads or customers who want fewer posts concrete footings are better.

Alternate Attachments

Alternate attachments

Some alternate attachments are available, if you have a design that does not fit into the standard attachments make a simple line drawing and we will let you know if it's something that can be done.

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