Customer Pick Up's

Available in: Romoland, CA, Anaheim, CA, Sacramento, CA & Phoenix, AZ

Savings: Customer pick up's are highly encouraged, if you have the means to pick up the materials and you live within a reasonable distance from a pick up location you can save yourself money with very little effort.

Material Packaging: The materials are wrapped in cellophane and grouped together for easy transport, and can be easily moved by two people. Cardboard Packaging is not included for a customer pickup, the cardboard is only used for 'Delivered Orders' only.

The product in the following photos is an Alumawood Pergola Lattice Cover; even though your awning materials may be different the basic premise is the same.

Amerimax Building Products Pickup Facility for Alumawood and Traditional Patio Covers

At the Customer Pick Up Warehouse; orders are waiting for customers to pick them up.

Alumawood materials on cart ready for customer pick up

A materials list is provided; checking off materials on the materials list is required to verify full receipt of order.

Alumawood Patio Cover Materials

Materials for customer pick up are not packaged as they would be if it were delivered however the materials are grouped together and wrapped with cellophane.

Loading Alumawood at pick up location.

You and a friend carefully load your Materials onto your truck rack, trailer, moving van or other appropriate vehicle. The materials need to be fully supported and cannot hang out of the back of a truck bed.


Vehicle for Pick Up:

To transport the materials safely a suitable vehicle is required; the materials need to lay flat which means depending on your particular cover you will need one of the following or equivalent:

  • Car Trailer
  • Cargo Trailer (enclosed)
  • Small Moving Trailer (u-haul)
  • Truck w/ Pipe Rack
  • Moving Van

Most patio covers will require a 16'-20' trailer, box van or a pipe rack; smaller covers may only require a 12'-14' trailer which can be rented from U-Haul for very little money. If you do not have access to a car trailer they can be rented locally for little money; look for deals on rentals.

Consider your Time and other costs:

Take your time, fuel cost and possible trailer rental costs into consideration before opting to pick up your materials instead of having them delivered. A customer pickup can be a nice savings over having it shipped however there are certain times when it's just not practical.

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