Designing Your Own Patio, Carport or Lattice Cover

Semi-Custom Aluminum Awnings and Patio Covers allow you to design the product (within limitation) to fit your current home decor and size; we give you the 'online tools' to help design your own patio cover and then work with you to come up with a kit that you can install yourself. To do this you will need to figure out what kind of layout, size, style and basic design you want.

We work with you to design your kit working within the limitations of the products Engineering; we will make suggestions on your project if an aspect of your design is beyond the scope of the products capability. This way you will get an engineered kit that will be an asset to your home.

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The web site is here to assist you; we have a lot of information online that will help you design your kit however at any time give us a call to go over any options, costs, designs available, engineering and any other questions or concerns about your patio cover project.


Questions to ask yourself:

How will I Attach the Patio Cover?

There are quite a few options for attaching your patio cover; depending on your actual individual situation you can attach to the wall or attach to your roof eave, roof top or under the eave assuming your roof eave is strong enough to support the patio cover. You have the option to also go freestanding however freestanding is a little more of an advanced Do-It-Yourself Kit due to the requirement for the posts to be set into concrete footings as the posts cannot be just bolted to a slab with brackets. Another thing to consider is property line setbacks required by most Building Departments, are you far enough back from your property line to install a patio cover?

What Patio Layout do I want?

Do you have a simple installation in mind with a wall attach to a concrete slab without any obstacles at your house such as a wall with a "jog" in it, Bay Window or Fireplace or do you have an involved installation that needs some consideration? If you do have an involved attachment please make a simple overhead/birdseye view line sketch on a piece of paper and fax it to us or you can email us a .gif or .jpeg drawing of your application and we can help you design the layout.

What Size?

What Projection and Length are you looking for, use a layout diagram to start from, take accurate measurements and fax or email the drawing to us. The Projection is the distance the awning comes out from the building attachment point to the outside face of the gutter and the length is the awnings distance running along the house. Freestanding covers projection is the same however beings it's not attached to the house the above statement doesn't make any sense; the projection on a Freestanding cover is the direction the pans have to span from outside of gutter to outside of gutter, the length is the total distance of the beams (the direction the posts will run).

What Styles do I want?

Are you looking for a Single Span cover attached to the house and with modest post spacings or do you want something a little different. Some customers like to use the Steel C Beam Inserts with Concrete Footings to have large open post spacings. You can make a Multi Span cover which means you would have an intermittent beam with posts or do you want Decorative Columns with Double Beams and Column Trim or something else? There are many different designs and styles available for the Alumawood Patio Cover which makes it a wonderful product, however also makes you have to choose; the decision can be confusing and overwhelming however we will take the time to go over the options giving you the up's and the down's to each decision so that you can make an informed decision for the patio cover.



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