Installation Options and Procedures

Skill Level to Install

The average Do It Yourself Home Owner can install these kits; the system will usually only take a weekend with basic tools. Do It Yourselfer Installation Instructions will be provided and Technical Assistants is also available via phone or email; if you have anything that you are unsure about one of our representatives will be happy to give you any advice you need or walk you through step by step.

Tools Required to Install:

Tools are not provided with kit, you will need to purchase tools if you do not own them. Most tools are relatively inexpensive and can be purchase at any Home Center.
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Attached and Freestanding Arbor Lattice Patio Cover Kits available. Attaching to the house is the simplest and least expensive installation method, the acceptable attachments to the house are:

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Freestanding requires posts be poured into your footings. Only the legs support the structure, it does require the posts be poured into a rather large footing (generally 2' x 2' x 2').
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Freestanding and Attached Requirements

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