High Wind Factors - Over 90mph

The standard Wind Factor for the ICC 2006 and IAPMO Engineering Report is 90 miles per hour, anything over 90mph is termed by us to be a "High Wind" Aluminum Patio Cover, Carport or Awning. The IBC Engineering Report does specify designs for over 90mph in terms of 105mph and 110mph Wind Factors; the designs are generally the same and generally the covers have less maximum allowable spans in general.

If you have contacted your local building department and they are requiring more than a 90mph wind factor but not over a 110mph wind factor contact us as we may be able to help. As stated above the spans of the high wind covers are generally less and your desired span may not meet the Engineering Report and you may have to settle with a shorter projection, closer post spacing and or another type of attachment method.

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