Are you getting a patio cover building permit?Aluminum Patio Cover Permit Application

In some areas permits are not required, contact your building department to verify.

If you're getting a permit you will first need to contact your building department to find out what your local code requirements are, the next step is to make sure the quote we provide you meets all the building dept. requirements, send us a email or give us a call to go over the details of your kit.

View how to obtain a building permit.

Local Requirements

Your local region will have specific load requirements and with a quick search or a phone call you should be able to get the information you need. Some terms your building dept. may use include live load, ground snow load, roof design load, wind speed, wind exposure, seismic load, patio height, frost line and property line setback.

Note: Ground Snow Load and Roof Design Load are different, verify your snow rating when consulting your building department.

Verify engineering report is accepted

Our patio cover kits are designed to meet the 2015 ICC Engineering, Report number ESR 1398, the engineering is widely accepted, however, it is a good idea to always verify your building department does accept our engineering.

Applying for permit

The inspector at the building dept. is going to want to see the product engineering, when placing your order let us know you need a set of engineering, the pertinent details will be highlighted in the engineering for your building inspector to review, a plot plan may be required which is a simple overhead line drawing with dimensions of your property lines, home and proposed location of your patio cover.


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Aluminum Patio Cover Permit Application

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