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Customer Privacy:
Your privacy is of great concern to us at Try-Tech Industries, we only collect information you voluntarily provide when you call, e-mail us or place an order.  When you make a purchase we collect your name, billing & ship to address, credit card information, phone number and email address.  All information that is used by us stays with us, we do not sell or share any of your information with anyone, your information is only used in purposes of handling your order or request.
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Online Shopping Cart Customer Security:
Your online transactions with Try-Tech are completely secure. Our credit card authorization system utilizes an extremely reliable form of encryption. A Secure Server is used and all of the latest technology against fraud is taken to help make sure your online experience is safe against any type of fraud.  All Online Orders use "Real Time Secure Credit Card Processing" and receive a Confirmation Email.
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Catalog Requests:
Our Website is our Catalog, we do not send out Catalogs in paper form.  The Internet is a powerful tool, a brochure cannot compete with the amount of information that is contained on a Website.  Our Website is over 1000 pages with some pages containing 2 - 3 pages of information in print form.  Our Website is constantly evolving with new products and information being added, a paper catalog would be out of date before it was even published.   If you need a hard copy of some information on our Website you can print it off using high quality photo paper.
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Product Pricing:
This site may be changed at any time.  We reserve the right to change prices without notice based on availability and supply. We are not responsible for clerical, printing and/or Web publishing errors.  All prices shown are in U.S. Dollars.
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Custom Order Items:
All orders that are custom to your specifications (colors, size, etc.) are non-returnable and orders cannot be canceled once placed (All but not limited to Awnings, Patio Covers, Carports).   These products are custom made to your order they are not "off the shelf parts", items are custom manufactured to your exact specifications.  We do not warehouse these products due to the specific nature of each order.  For obvious reasons they cannot be returned under any circumstances.  Every awning that we sell is custom made even though they are posted on our website in standard sizes, this is for pricing only, none of these products are manufactured until you have placed your order.  All custom orders once shipped cannot have shipment refused, if you do refuse shipment you will get no credit for goods or shipping.  If an order did get refused it would go back to the manufacture and the manufacture does no warehousing of finished products, all materials sent back are scrapped.  Try-Tech is not responsible for any color matching, if you are trying to match a color to your house or anything else  it is your responsibility to make sure the colors will match.  All colors are shown on website, the colors will vary depending on your computer screens settings which we have no control of.  If you need to know the exact color you will need to request color samples and look at the color in person.  There are no refunds for customers who order the wrong color.  It is the customer’s responsibility to verify that they have the correct Live Load and Wind Speed needed with their local building department before any order is placed.   It is the customer’s responsibility for proper approval of installation by any of the following: Landlords, Homeowners Associations / CCR's (Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions), City Ordinances, etc...

If for some reason the custom system ordered was not manufactured as ordered you will be supplied any additional needed materials to complete your original order at Try-Tech Industries discretion.  Any additional materials not on the original order will be an additional charge (materials & shipping).
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Payment Methods:
We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.  When using Credit Cards, the name and billing address associated with your card must match exactly what you enter on our payment information page or we will not accept the order.  We also accept cashiers check or money order, orders will be placed only after we have received payment.  We also do accept personal checks, however orders will only be placed after the check has cleared.
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Shipping via UPS:
UPS deliveries must be within the Continental US.  UPS will not deliver to APO, FPO or PO Box #'s. Deliveries to non-UPS shippable addresses may take longer to arrive and may cost more money.  We do not offer "Special Shipping" (3-Day, 2-Day, Overnight, etc.),  we ship UPS Ground Only..
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Shipping via Common Carriers:
Many of our products are shipped via Common Carrier/Freight Truck, several different Common Carrier companies are used and is up to Try-Tech's discretion which will be used for delivery.  To help avoid damages materials of long lengths may be cut in multiple pieces; any of the materials may be cut to any lengths and spliced at any location at Try-Tech's discretion. Generally the Common Carrier will deliver with Truck and Trailer and adequate driving access to your location needs to be available for entering and exiting for delivery.  If driver is unable to access delivery location Customer is responsible for picking up Shipment at Carriers terminal.  Unless noted the Common Carrier will not contact you regarding delivery before it is actually delivered, we will provide you with tracking and contact information to contact the Common Carrier. Common Carriers will need to verify that someone will be at the shipping location to sign for shipment.  Customer is responsible for setting up delivery time with Common Carrier.  Customer is responsible to help unload shipment off of truck, driver will only help unload shipment off of the truck.  No Lift Gate is available unless otherwise noted.  Not signing Bill of Lading or not being present at ship location at delivery time is considered as Refusal of Shipment.
Shipment must be signed for by Law, any and all damages need to noted on Bill of Lading at time of delivery.
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Shipping Damages:
Unfortunately shipping damages do occasionally occur.  You will need to report any damage to Try-Tech Industries; digital pictures must be taken of the damaged parts and packaging and forwarded to us via email.  From the date of delivery you have five (5) Days to report any damages or shortages, after that period any and all shipping damages or shortages will become your responsibility and you will be responsible for any and all costs related to the replacement of parts.  For shipments that must be signed for any damage must be noted at time of delivery, by signing the Release Form /Bill of Lading (the shipping invoice that the delivery driver will have you sign) and not noting any damages you are agreeing that shipment is in good condition.  It is very important to note any damage on bill of lading, if it is not noted on the bill of lading you will be responsible for the damage recovery from the carrier and you will be responsible for any and all costs related to the replacement of parts.  For any concealed damages that cannot be seen upon delivery all packaging and material in the damaged box must be kept until matter is closed.  If packaging is discarded you will be responsible for the damage recovery from carrier and you will also be responsible for any and all costs related to the replacement of parts.    Any Replacement Parts for damages or shortages may be shipped in different lengths and by any means of shipment at Try-Tech's discretion.
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Shipping Shortages or Incorrect Parts:
Unfortunately shortages and incorrect parts will occasionally happen.  From the date of delivery you have five (5) Days to report any shortages or incorrect parts, after that period any and all shortages or incorrect parts will become your responsibility and you will be responsible for any and all costs related to the replacement of parts.  Any replacement parts for shortages or incorrect parts may be shipped in different lengths than the original shipment and may be shipped by any shipping method at Try-Tech's discretion.  Try-Tech will not be held responsible by any damages incurred by customer from any delay of complete order caused by shortages or incorrect parts, please allow yourself ample time for your project.   Any incorrect parts may need to be returned (any returns require an RA number before hand) before the replacement parts will be shipped out at Try-Tech's discretion.
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Refusal of Shipment:
Shipments CANNOT be refused for any reason; Refusal of Shipment is subject to a complete loss to customer, Try-Tech will not be responsible for re-shipping or tracking refused shipment.  Custom Orders receive no refund under any circumstances (see more on custom order items).
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Customer Pickups:
Customer Pickup is available for some products, this is offered due to time and money savings to those customers who live close to the factory.  The customer is responsible to make sure that all materials are received at time of pickup, any products not picked up will have to be picked up by customer or customer will have to pay for shipping to receive parts no picked up.  Customer assumes all responsibility for bringing the proper vehicle/carrier to haul materials.  All products have to be picked up within one (1) week.  An order cannot be changed to a Delivery once it has been ordered as a Pickup.  Any custom product (s) may be discarded after this time frame and of which no refund will be given for discarded materials.  Factory times will vary, please verify factory hours for product pickup.  It is very important as a customer to arrange a timely pickup.
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Product Information:
Our site has a lot of information about our products, please read all of the information about the product before placing an order.  Customer is responsible for reading and understanding all information about the product being ordered.  This keeps our costs down and allows us to pass the savings on to the Customer.
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Product Warranties:
We pass on all warranties made by the manufacturer, who has sole responsibility for performing such warranties. We will assist you in the event of a warranty issue but take on no responsibility for any expressed or implied warranty not fulfilled by the manufacturer.  The manufacturer shall be solely responsible for any damage to person or property arising from the design, manufacture and testing of its products. We are not obligated to carry any item that has been discontinued by a manufacturer. All items are subject to availability. Our product lines change as the manufactures and distributors product lines change.
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Factory Warranty Procedure:
We pride ourselves in selling quality products with manufacturers who stand behind their products.
All Product Warranty's are stated on our website.  All warranties of the manufactures are passed on to you and is the manufacturers responsibility to fulfill the warranty.  We will assist you with warranty claims, if you have a problem with a product contact us and we will contact the manufacturer and start the warranty procedure based on their company policy.  All products sold on this website are subject to their original manufacturer's warranty policies. In some cases, products that require warranty service or replacement may need to be sent back to the manufacturer.  If a product has to be sent back to the manufacturer the shipping cost is the customers responsibility both ways.
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Product Specifications:
Try-Tech represents the Manufacturer/Distributor, all product descriptions are given to us by the Manufacturer/Distributor.  The Manufacturer/Distributor takes full responsibility of product descriptions.  Try-Tech makes no variation from Manufacturer/Distributor descriptions.  Try-Tech will supply the most current descriptions given to us by the Manufacturer/Distributor.  Try-Tech makes no claims or takes any responsibility for any product descriptions including but not limiting to specifications regarding all aspects of quality, thicknesses, finishes, colors, life expectancies, product tests, etc..  Try-Tech does not handle any complaints or problems relating to any discrepancy of description of product.  Try-Tech gives no refunds of any kind for any discrepancy of a product, this will need to be handled between the Customer and the Manufacturer/Distributor.  If you have a discrepancy for any product Try-Tech will put you in contact with a representative from the Manufacturer/Distributor of the product in question.
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Engineered Products:
For the products that are designed for customers to meet product engineering, information will need to be provided to Try-Tech.  The Customer is responsible for understanding how to provide Try-Tech with the correct information.  Individual product requirements will vary, reading and understanding the information provided for your particular product is extremely important.  This information provided by the Customer needs to be correct or the product may not meet the engineering.  This may result in a permit not being granted by your local Building Department.  No refunds or custom engineering will be provided for Customers who have given Try-Tech incorrect information.  Just make sure you take your time and understand what information is needed and get the proper information, this protects both Try-Tech and the Customer.  Our patio covers are not designed to be attached a mobile home, manufactured home, park model trailer, travel trailer or camper. Patio covers for these type structures must be freestanding only.
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Acceptance of Design / Engineering:
Customer is solely responsible for verifying that the awning purchased will meet local requirements regarding Building Department Acceptance and general building requirements including but not limited to Minimum live load / snow load, Minimum Wind Speed, Acceptance of Engineering, Additional footing requirements due to frost line, Property Line Set Backs, Attachment will work with your structure or concrete pad and so forthe. Customers that do not verify or follow local Building Department requirements or general building requirements will be solely responsible for the structure design, installation and all liability of any personal or real property damage that may occur. Customer or any associated with customer will not hold Try-Tech Industries or any representatives responsible for liability of any personal or real property damage that may occur.
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By shopping with us and placing an order with us contemplates that you have read, understand and agree to all of the above policies.

Thank You for reading the Above Statement.

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