Maxx Panel Insulated Alumawood™ Patio Covers

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DIY Kit Prices

Attached Kits Starting at
$13.50/Sq. Ft. & Up.

Due to the Custom Nature of the Insulated Patio Covers we do not have prices online.

Call for a Price.
Toll Free 800-531-5994


DIY Kits

Whats included with Kit?
Everything included ready to install.
All Insulated Pans, Posts & Side Plates, Beam, Extruded Perimeter including the Wall Hanger, Sub-Side Fascia's and Gutter, Attaching Brackets, Hardware, Flashing, Caulking,
Downspout, Elbows and Drop Outlet included. 1 Downspout included for every 240 square feet.


Attached Covers

Easy to Install, Hanger bolts to house and Posts bolt to Concrete or Wood Deck.

Covers can attach to House Wall, Roof and Eave. Wall is the recommended attachment.

Freestanding Covers

For Experienced DIY Homeowners only. More expensive and more labor to install than attached covers.

Posts Must Be Poured into Concrete Fooitngs.


Pricing Structure

Basic Pricing is determined by the following factors:

  • Size (projection x length)
  • Attachment (wall, freestanding, etc.)
  • Design Load (10lb, 20lb, 30lb, etc.)
  • Wind Factor (70mph, 90mph, etc.)

Long Projections and or High Design Loads require a stronger design:

  • More Posts (unless inserts and footings are used)
  • Cloverleaf Steel or Aluminum Post Inserts (goes inside alumawood post)
  • Steel C-Beam Insert (goes inside alumawood beam)

Custom Options increase Price:

  • Large Post Spans (Requiring Beam or Post Inserts.)
  • Decorative Fiberglass Columns
  • Double Beam or Rafter Design

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