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Patio Cover Kit Options

Sizes Available

The Do-It-Yourself Patio Covers are made to order and can be made in any sizes in one foot increments up to a 20' Projection and can be made up to any Length. Measure the area that you would like covered and round up or down to the nearest foot measurement.

Attached Layout Drawing Freestanding Layout Drawing

Colors Available

Alumawood Colors

Decorative End Caps

Decorative End Caps are for the False Rafter Tails, Side Fascia's and Beam Ends. Alumawood End Caps, Scalloped, Corbel, Mitered, Flat Beveled

Post Heights

8' posts come standard, in some cases you may need a taller post such as a 10' or 12'.  When you fill out the free quote make a note in the comments box that you would like 10' or 12' posts.  We carry 8', 10' and 12' posts, you will have to cut your posts down if you need a different length.  For example: say you need a 9' post, from 8' the next size up is 10' so you will have to cut a 10' down to get the desired 9'.

Reasons you will have to cut your posts:
During installation you will almost definitely have to cut your posts to height, even if you only have 8' posts more than likely they will need to be cut.  There are a couple reasons you may have to cut your posts.  One reason is that almost all slabs have a slope to them and this slope has to be accounted for by modifying the height of your posts.  Height of the post is also modified if you need a different length posts than we have in standard lengths. For example: say you need a 9' post, from 8' the next size up is 10' so you will have to cut a 10' down to get the desired 9'.

Round Columns

Decorative Round Columns look very elegant and are quite popular for Patio Covers with very large Beam Spans and Covers with Double Beams; Round Columns made from Fiberglass or Aluminum are available in 8" or 10" diameters and from 8' to 10' heights; the Round Columns are a three piece unit comprised of the Round Column, Top Cap and Base Cap. Round Columns are hollow and are considered decoration only; for structural support a 3" x 3" square post is installed inside the Column which carries the load but cannot be seen once installation is complete. The Round Columns do not come painted and need to be painted by customer; we will supply paint codes so that match up paint can be purchased at Lowe's or Home Depot.
Alumawood Round Columns


Double Beams

Double Alumawood Beam Double Beams are attractive and Double Beams also allow larger beam spans between posts. Typically the Double Beams are complemented with decorative Round Columns. The Double Beams can use any of the decorative ends (scalloped, corbel, mitered or flat beveled).

Column Trim

Alumawood Column Trim Column Trim is available with any of the ends (mitered, beveled, scalloped or corbels as shown) and is the trim work that goes above the decorative Round Columns. 2-2x6_korbel.jpg (13675 bytes)

Column Trim available in:

  • Mitered Ends
  • Flat Beveled Ends
  • Corbel Ends
  • Scalloped Ends

Steel C-Beam Inserts

Steel C Beam Insert

Steel Post Inserts

3 x 3 Steel Post Insert

Aluminum Post Inserts

3 x 3 Aluminum Post Insert

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