Design & Install your own Alumawood™ Patio Cover Kit.

The Alumawood™ Patio Covers highlight the best points of real wood look without the common maintenance requirements of the traditional wood patio covers. The Alumawood™ Patio Covers has a cedar embossed grain texture with High Quality Alumawood™ Aluma-Shield℠ silicon polyester paint finish that requires little maintenance.

Alumawood Patio Cover, Attached to House


Complete Kits Starting @ $10 Per Square Foot.

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The Alumawood™ patio covers have a popular pan and gutter design with large beam and posts and decorative false rafter tails. The aluminum has a simulated Alumawood™ cedar embossed wood textured finish for a wood look and feel and a durable Alumawood™ Aluma-Shield℠ polyester paint finish available in six popular colors to compliment your home. The Alumawood™ patio covers come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty on materials and paint finish, the patio covers are engineered and a set of the engineering comes with the patio cover kit to help with your permit process. Sizes are available up to a 20' projection and any length is available in 6" increments.

Attachment Options

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Alumawood Patio Cover End Cap and Color Options

There is no upcharge for the Alumawood Newport Patio Covers four optional End Caps styles, the End Caps go on the Beam, Side Fascia's and False Rafter Tails; the aluminum is cut to the end cap shape and the plastic end cap is secured to the aluminum.

Optional End Cap Styles Alumawood Colors

Alumawood™ patio cover colors are also no additional upcharge.

The exclusive Alumawood™Aluma-Shield℠ paint system with the addition of Teflon® surface protector provides extended longevity, superior durability and ease of maintenance.

Alumawood 2 1/2" x 6" Roof Panel

Alumawood™ Flat Roof Panel
Available in:
.018", .024", .032", .036"

Rustic Cedar Grain Embossed.
Bottom of Roof Panels
similar to 1" x 3"
V-Rustic Wood Panels.

Alumawood Patio Cover Roof Panels
Alumawood Patio Cover Post and Beams

Alumawood™ Patio Cover Post and Beams

3" x 3" x .042" thick Alumawood Post and
3" x 8" x .042" Alumawood Beam

Beam spans vary depending on
Projection and Design Load

Optional: 3" x 8" 12ga or 16ga Steel C Beam for Heavy Design Loads in snow climates
and for fewer posts / larger spans commonly used with Round Fluted Columns.

You get a Complete Patio Cover Kit - Alumawood Patio Covers ready to install.

Everything needed to install is included with the Alumawood™ Patio Cover Kit. The Patio Cover Kit comes complete ready to install except for a little minor cutting that's required. All Materials such as Roof Pans / Panels, Gutter, Front Fascia, Side Fascia's, Wall Hanger, Wall Flashing, Downspout(s), Posts and Post Side Plates, Support Beam, Brackets, Caulking and Miscellaneous Hardware is all included as part of the kit. We have Alumawood DIY Kits designed for most applications or you can 'Design your own Kit' within the limitations of the product engineering.

Materials included with the Newport Patio Covers:

  • ALUMAWOOD™ POSTS: 024" Thick x 3” x 3” Wide x 8’-0”, 10’-0” or 12’-0” Tall
  • ALUMAWOOD™ POST SIDEPLATES: 2” x 6 ½” Wide x 8’-8”, 10’-8” or 12’-8” Tall (2 per post).
    Sideplates come with 2" Rigid Foam Insert.
  • ALUMAWOOD™ FLAT ROOF PANELS: .018", .024”, .032” or .036” Thick x 2½” Tall x 6” wide
  • ALUMAWOOD™ GUTTER: Rollform Gutter .036” Thick x 3” Wide x 6½” Tall
  • ALUMAWOOD™ DOWNSPOUT/S: Drop Outlet, Elbows and 2" Liter Pipe
  • ALUMAWOOD™ BOX BEAM: .042” Thick x 3” Wide x 8” Tall Box Beam
  • ALUMAWOOD™ PERIMETER TRIM: 2" x 6½” Side Fascia’s, 2" x 6½” Front Fascia and 2" x 6½” x 12" False Rafter Tails
  • MISC. SUPPLIES: Brackets, Hardware, Caulking, Flashing, C-Rollform Hanger for Wall and Side Side Fascia,, Gutter Plugs, Touch Up Paint, Splices (if required)
  • ALUMA-SHIELD℠ PAINT: Silicon polyester paint finish available in White, Desert Sand, Mojave Tan, Adobe, Sonora Beige or Latte
  • END CAP STYLE (False Rafter Tails and Beam): Mitered, Flat Beveled, Corbel or Scalloped


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