Alumawood™ Pricing

The Alumawood™ pricing starts around $10 per square foot, due to the custom nature of the product a quote for your particular application the pricing needs to be worked up; you may call us at 800-531-5994 or fill out our online free quote.

The base patio covers kit pricing is for a 10lbs load (i.e. no snow) and without any steel reinforcements such as a steel "C" beam or steel post inserts and 3" x 3" post with sideplates. If you want large post spacing or live in a snow climate then the steel inserts become an option.

The alumawood patio covers kit pricing is for a complete kit including all of the roof panels, hanger, flashing, front fascia, side fascia's, false rafter tails, gutter, downspout, fasteners, caulking and touch up paint.

Alumawood Patio Cover Prices


Base Pricing is determined by the following factors:

  • Size (projection x length)
  • Attachment (wall, fascia, roof top, freestanding)
  • Design Load (10lb, 20lb, 25lb, 30lb, 40lb or 60lb)
  • Wind Factor (90mph, 105mph or 110mph)

Long Projections and or High Design Loads require a stronger design:

  • More Posts (unless inserts and footings are used)
  • Cloverleaf Steel or Aluminum Post Inserts (goes inside alumawood post)
  • Steel C-Beam Insert (goes inside alumawood beam)
  • Pan thickness increase

Custom Options increase Price:

  • Large Post Spans (Requiring Beam and Post Inserts.)
  • Decorative Columns
  • Double Beams

More details on the kits...

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