1. Wall / Eave Hanger - Mounts to the Patio Cover to the House.

2.  (Pic 2a) *.070 thick Extruded Aluminum Header with built in "Cleanable" Raingutter.

2(Pic 2) *Extruded gutter splice for Part 2a (above part) included for those units requiring it.
3. *Extruded left and right Side Fascia
4. *Extruded Fascia (same as above)
5. * Raingutter/Header dam blocks (2) to prevent any leaks on the ends of your awning.
6. All extruded post brackets complete with 3 / 8 "inch diameter
bolts & nuts for both top and bottom of posts.
7. 3" Cloverleaf posts Colors available in:  White
(See Colors Here)
8. 12" Wide "W" Awning pans (.018" thick is standard for most
installations.  Colors available in:  White. (See Colors Here)
9. Flashing designed for several different types of installations to seal out Water from the Eave / Wall to the Awning.
10. Drop outlet to attach Downspout to the Raingutter.
11. Downspout - Colors available in: White
12. Downspout Elbow to direct Water away from the Awning.
(No Pic Available) 13. *2" Color Trim available in 9 colors. (see trim color chart)
14. * Extruded corner for Raingutter completion for the "finishing touch". All Screws, Nuts, Bolts, Washers, Caulking, Etc. needed to construct your awning. You should not have to purchase any more parts.
With our kits, we provide everything!
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