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However many Engineering calls for is okay.

Few as possible.

Enter how many posts if you have a number in mind:


Kit Engineering Design Options

Post and Beam OPTION which will determine your quantity of posts required.

BASIC KIT (highest quantity of posts): The basic kit is designed to attach to a 3.5" (4" nominal) concrete slab or wood deck and does not use any steel post inserts or steel beam inserts.

FULLY REINFORCED KIT (least quantity of posts): The fully reinforced kit cannot be attached to a concrete slab or wood deck, this option requires concrete footings (average footing size is 24" to 36" cubed). This kit uses steel post inserts as well as a steel c-beam insert which will gain you the maximum post spacing for a single beam (double c-beam nets the maximum post spacing available).

(Note: Fully Reinforced Kits are a good option in high snow load areas, the slab attachment in high snow loads will require a very high quantity of posts, this is especially true for larger projections.)

Post Attachment

What closest matches what you have currently?

3.5" Concrete Slab
Concrete Footings with current Slab
Concrete Footings without a Slab
Wood Deck
Nothing yet (bare dirt, gravel, pavers, etc..)

Optional Upgrades


Options at No Additional Cost

Select color and end caps at time of order.

Available Colors


Available End Cap Styles

Alumawood Colors   Optional Ends

Your Homes Fascia Details & Measurements

Your House Overhang has to be strong enough to support the Patio Cover. The following measurements are required if you are attaching to your Fascia.

  1. Overhang Projection

    Distance from wall to outside of your fascia board, total distance of your roof's overhang.
    Enter Projection

    (e.g. - 14", 16", 32", etc.)

    englargeOverhang Projection
  2. (2" x 4", 2" x 6", etc.)

  3. (e.g. - 16", 24", etc.)

    Rafter Spacing
  4. Enter on of the following:
    1.) Plumb
    2.) 90 Deg.
    3.) Angled Out

    Eave Angles
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