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Aluminum Window Awnings


The information regarding the Window Awnings will be temporarily left up for those customers who want to make sure they find a comparable window awning elsewhere.


Americana may have a Window Awning for you...?

The Manufacturer Americana carries a very similar window awning, you can view their window awning with the link below:

>>> Louvered Americana Window Awnings:


Help cut the cost of heating and cooling your home by installing an outstanding energy savings product; the Aluminum Window Awnings are probably among the greatest values for any home.
  • Louvered Design: Allows air to circulate and you can still see out your window through the louvers.
  • Simple Construction: Easy Installation, can be installed by most homeowners in an hour.
  • Made from Aluminum: Low Maintenance, will not warp, rot or rust. Material is very light making installation easy.
  • Baked Enamel Paint: The paint is very high quality and will look good for many years.
  • Available in 2 colors: White or Cream.
  • Many sizes to choose from: Awnings can be made to almost any size (within reason).

Photo Gallery! (Includes customer projects.)

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Window Awning
Window Awning

These louvered Aluminum Window Awnings are a simple yet very effective addition to any home; the awnings look nice and work well to beat back Mother Nature's elements. The window awnings are designed to deflect direct sun rays off of your window; you will really notice a difference in temperature in your home after installing the window awnings.

Inside View of Window Awning


Try-Tech Window Awnings can withstand a fairly significant wind.
These window awnings are very similar in style to what was being sold in the sears catalog many years ago.  To install the Window Awnings all you need be able to do is install a few brackets, snap in a few window awning pans, 4 valance screws and some cotter pins.
General reference on installation.

Note: There are limitations to the window awnings function:
1.) These Window Awnings will fold down but are NOT storm shutters by any means. In a hurricane you can remove the cotter pins and store the window awning  inside to protect from damage.

2.)While the Window Awnings do deflect some rainfall they are not designed for rain protection as some rainfall does come through due to the open louvered design.

How to Measure for That Custom Fit
See the easy to use Window Awning Diagram

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