Aluminum Patio Cover Kits so simple to build you can Do It Yourself.

Homeowners can install most Alumawood DIY Patio Kits over a weekend. Our customers save 50% by building it themselves.

Types of Aluminum Patio Cover Kits

Alumawood patio cover, white, three posts and single header beam attached to wall of home.

Alumawood Non-Insulated Patio Covers

Transform your patio into a functional and inviting outdoor space with the durable, cost-effective, and beautiful Alumawood non-insulated cover. It’s great value has made it the most popular choice.

Insulated Alumawood Patio Cover by a pool.

Alumawood Insulated Patio Covers

Keep your family cool with the Insulated patio cover. These walkable panels have a solid foam core and aluminum skin, reducing heat by up to 15 degrees. Perfect for hot climates and patios with limited airflow.

Pergola Kit, Spanish brown color with double header beam and beveled end caps.

Alumawood Pergola Lattice Covers

Create a comfortable and beautiful outdoor space with a Alumawood Pergola. With the open roof, the rafters and lattice tubes provide 50 to 60% filtered shade, allowing you to enjoy the perfect amount of sunlight.

Traditional aluminum patio cover on wood deck covering chairs.

Aluminum Awnings

A modern take on the timeless 1950s-style classic cover. The aluminum roof panels feature the iconic “W” shape, designed to ensure durability and cost savings.

Aluminum carport covering small trailer.

Aluminum Carports

Perfect to protect your car, truck, or boat with a traditional-style aluminum carport. They are low maintenance, affordable, easy to install, and built to last for decades.

Alumawood Pick Up Locations, Sacramento, Romoland, Phoenix, and Salem.

Patio Cover Pick Up Locations

Factory Direct Pick up in Sacramento and Hemet California, Phoenix, Arizona, and Salem, Oregon.

Can I install a DIY aluminum patio cover?

Yes, if you’re handy and have some experience doing typical DIY projects around the home, you can build an aluminum patio cover kit.

Building an Alumawood patio cover will require you to be comfortable using basic tools, such as a circular saw, drill, measuring tape, and a level.

The aluminum patio cover materials are light and easy to handle. Only minimum cutting is required, and most pieces are secured with sheet metal screws for easy assembly.

Vanessa built this cover by herself.

Vanessa on the roof of her patio cover.

Vanessa’s DIY aluminum DIY patio kit turned out beautiful.

By taking on the project herself, she not only saved thousands but also had the opportunity to invest in new outdoor furniture and refresh her concrete patio slab.

The result is a fresh and revitalized patio area she will enjoy for years.

Why Choose Try-Tech Patios?

As the original Alumawood Dealer since 1999, we take pride in our ability to provide expert advice and guidance throughout the process of designing, ordering, and helping you through the installation of your patio cover.

With over 24 years of experience, we have established ourselves as the leading provider of factory-direct Alumawood patio kits, having sold more Do-It-Yourslef kits than any other company.

Trust the industry experts and contact us today at 800-531-5994 or via email at

Alumawood Patio Cover, White with Two Fans and Seating Area
Handyman climbing ladder to work on patio cover.

Do you want your patio cover installed for you?

If you’re not confident installing a patio cover yourself, there’s no need to worry!

You can arrange for a local handyman, contractor, or landscaper to handle the installation. We have sold to thousands of DIY Homeowners, if they can do it, your trusted worker can handle the job.

You have two options:

1.) You can personally buy your patio cover from us and have a contractor/handyman do the installation.

2.) Or you can hire a contractor/handyman to purchase from us directly and they can take care of everything, all of your measuring, ordering, etc.

By doing this, you can still save money compared to hiring an Alumawood installer.

How do I attach to my house?

The covers are mounted to your wall, fascia board, or rooftop.

How to build a freestanding cover?
The posts are sunk into concrete footings for stability.

Wood will burn, dry rot, flake, chip, splinter, get termites and Alumawood will last without these issues.

Why choose aluminum for your DIY Aluminum Patio Cover?

Aluminum is superior for roofing materials; unlike steel, wood, or vinyl, aluminum outlasts them all.

Steel rusts, wood twists, warps, mildews, rots, burns, and attracts termites, while vinyl warps over time.

Aluminum withstands even the harshest elements; with aluminum, you get the timeless beauty of wood without compromising durability and convenience.

Don’t settle for anything less than aluminum for your Patio Cover.

Wood won’t last.  But, Alumawood will.

The aluminum covers are as functional as they are beautiful.

Are you looking to transform your outdoor space into a stunning retreat? Our DIY Patio Cover Kits perfectly balance functionality and visual appeal.

Elevate your yard or pool area with our durable and customizable aluminum covers. With a wide range of sizes, colors, lights, fans, and more, you can effortlessly personalize your patio cover to harmonize with your home.
Experience our covers’ numerous benefits, including shielding from sun damage, lowering cooling costs, enhancing your home’s value, and creating a haven for cherished family moments. Elevate your outdoor space today with our DIY Aluminum Patio Kits.

Larry Norlander securing gutter to the roof panels.

It’s Easy To DIY

Join the thousands of customers who have completed their DIY Patio Kit. With basic tools, you can complete your patio cover installation with our step-by-step instructions. Plus, you can contact us if you have any questions during the process for help.


Kits are complete.


Basic tools are all you need.


Easy to use building instructions.


Unlimited Email and Phone Support.

Alumawood Options

Paint Colors

Alumawood colors come in white, desert sand, mojave tan, adobe, latte, spanish brown and graphite.

Seven Colors

Alumawood shade structures are painted with durable, high-quality AlumaShield paint, which will not fade, split, or chip and cleans easily due to its Teflon additive.
Available in White, Black, Desert Sand, Mojave Tan, Latte, Adobe, Spanish Brown, and Graphite.

End Caps

Four optional end cuts. End caps for Alumawood header beam, rafters, and rafter tails.

Four End Cap Styles

Choose from Scalloped, Corbel, Mitered, and Beveled End Caps to complement your cover.

These caps neatly fit onto the ends of the aluminum header beams and rafters, adding a polished finish to your patio cover.

Alumawood Upgrades

Accessories to customize your cover.

Ceiling fans on aluminum patio cover.

Ceiling Fan Beams

 Adding a ceiling fan to your patio cover is a must-have upgrade. It enhances circulation, allowing you to enjoy your patio during the hot summer.

Adding a ceiling fan also gives you the opportunity to have a light if you choose to not install recessed lighting.

We do not provide ceiling fans, but we offer a fan beam that creates a sturdy mounting location for your fan that you purchase locally.

Alumawood patio cover with AlumaGlow recessed led lights


Use your patio cover day or night. Recessed LED Lights are also a must-have accessory. They are warm and easy to install, providing even light that creates an inviting atmosphere outside, which is great for dinners, hosting parties, or relaxing with a bottle of wine.

We offer you the option to buy just the lights alone or a complete lighting kit from AlumaGlow that includes all of the parts needed for a do-it-yourself installation.

Alumawood post base caps.

Post Caps & Crowns

The “H” Style posts can be enhanced by adding trim around the bottom using post base caps. The caps are made from durable High Strength ASA with UV Inhibitor, lasting for years. The caps have a two-piece design that fits around the post and sideplates, creating a strong and polished appearance.

Additionally, the caps can be flipped upside down and used as crown caps, suitable for the double-header beam to maintain proper proportions.

Roof top roof mount brackets

Roofmount Brackets

Add height to your patio cover with the rooftop or under-eave brackets. These brackets are perfect for homeowners with a low roof overhang, allowing them to achieve the desired ceiling height. The heavy-duty roof brackets support the 3″ x 8″ Alumawood Header Beam, which mounts the cover above your roof line.

Additionally, this setup promotes increased air ventilation, effectively lowering your patio temperature by allowing heat to escape the patio cover and your home’s roof. The brackets enhance your patio cover experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Alumawood made of?

Alumawood is made from aluminum and embossed with a cedar wood grain texture to look and feel like wood.

Is Aluminum any good?

Aluminum is strong and light and dissipates heat quicker than any other building product used for patios.

The aluminum is easy to handle, and the installation is straightforward with a DIY kit.

Over the years, you will appreciate the low maintenance. While your neighbors are re-painting their wood patio cover, all you will have to do is give the cover a quick rinse.

How long does Alumawood last?

Alumawood has a long proven track record, typically lasting  20  to 30 years. Aluminum is very durable, it doesn’t rot or rust. Alumawood comes with a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Does Alumawood get hot?

Like anything, aluminum does get hot, but since it is so thin and an excellent thermal conductor, it rapidly cools off faster than wood.

Ceiling fans keep fresh air moving to reduce heat, and the insulated roof panels reduce the heat by up to 15 degrees.

Is Alumawood loud in the rain?

Alumawood does make noise, but it’s not loud. Most customers enjoy the soft sound of the rain on the patio cover.

What is the Alumawood Warranty?

Lifetime Limited WarrantyThe warranty covers both the metal and paint.
Amerimax Building Products manufacturers Alumawood, they have been around since the 1960s, and they stand behind their product.


Here’s What People Are Saying

I couldn’t have anticipated the enjoyment my family and I have gotten from our Alumawood Patio Cover. Try-Tech Patios went over and beyond our expectations throughout the project; from design, to quotes for different options, and always promptly and thoroughly responded to all of my questions. I was also very pleased with the ease of putting the patio cover together. James, the owner worked directly with me the entire time. I felt as though I received top customer service from James and that’s what really made my experience with Try-Tech Patios all the more better.

Kyle N. from Willows, CA

The patio cover sure keeps our house cooler, we now use our patio in the middle of summer. Wish I had done this years ago, thank you for all your help.

Dan O. from Phoenix, Arizona

i saved so much money, with Try-Tech patios. Bill M.