Alumawood Insulated DIY Patio Kits will reduce heat by up to 15 degrees.

The insulation prevents the direct sun from heating up the roof and reaching your living space.

Why choose the Insulated?

Get the insulated patio roof for maximum protection against the sun.

The insulated cover is Alumawood’s flagship, combining aluminum’s durability with the thermal effects of closed-cell foam that will keep you cool in the summer reducing heat by up to 15 degrees.

Experience maximum protection from the sun, lower energy bills, and a walkable roof for easy maintenance. Choose from various customizable options, including colors, end cap designs, and accessories like recessed lighting and ceiling fan beams.

Beat the heat and give yourself a place to work or relax.

Carol’s son helped her design and install this patio cover. Carol loves gardening and needed a protected space to work on her yard projects. The insulation in the roof is a barrier against heat, and the rooftop attachment promotes airflow to let heat escape. The AlumaGlow light kit makes her patio cover enjoyable in the evening for entertaining.
Carol, F. Eugene, OR.

Improve the transition from your pool to your home.

This home has a built-in patio, but Jose was unhappy with the pavers heating up between the house and the pool which made the area unbearable. The patio extending up to the pool decreased the heat from the pavers, and the patio extended his usable space.
Jose P., Goodyear, AZ

Alumawood Insulated White Patio Ceiling Fans

Be comfortable, and get the maximum protection for your deck.

Gene is retired and wanted the best for his deck, so he chose the insulated patio cover to go over his outdoor dining set. He was so happy that he decided to add on to it to make it bigger to cover a second seating area around his gas fire pit. He hung cafe lights for ambiance.
Gene P., Sacramento, California

See more examples to help you get ideas of how the Insulated Alumawood patio covers can transform your backyard.

How to Do It Yourself

Insulated Benefits


Maximum protection from sun.


Keeps home cooler, reducing your energy bill.


Walkable roof for home maintenance.


Cool outdoor space for spending more time outside with family.


Protects pets from the harmful heat.

How do Insulated Alumawood covers attach?

The insulated covers attach to your home directly to the wall, your fascia board or on top of your roof.
Freestanding is also available if you want the cover away from your home.






Customizable options for your patio cover.

Alumawood works with most homes because of the options to modify your cover.
Select your color, and end cap design, and add accessories such as lights, fan beams, and trim for the posts.


Roof panels come in either White or Desert Sand, the lighter colors reduce heat absorption further helping to keep your patio cool. The rest of the cover is available in White, Desert Sand, Mojave Tan, Latte, Adobe, Spanish Brown, and Graphite.
White panels with Graphite trim or Desert Sand panels with Spanish Brown trim are popular if you want a two-tone look.

Alumawood colors come in white, desert sand, mojave tan, adobe, latte, spanish brown and graphite.

The white roof panels and graphite posts, header beams, and fascia trim match the modern look of Carlos C.’s backyard.

Troy W. chose classic white, which is our most popular color as it goes beautifully with any home.

End Cap Designs

Match the end caps to the design of your home. There are four cut options including Corbel, Mitered, Scalloped, and Beveled.

Attachments for aluminum patio covers

Accessories to upgrade your cover.

Add recessed lighting.

1.) We offer individual recessed lights that you use with the insulated fan beam panels. You can wire and connect to your home and run the power wires through the fan beam.

2.) Or Upgrade to the AlumaGlow Lights. Fan beam panels are not required, so you save money not having to purchase expensive fan beam panels. The AlumaGlow kit comes complete with ceiling downlights, wiring, a remote, and voice control.

Alumawood Roof Panel Installation

Add ceiling fan beams.

The fan beam is embedded in the foam core of the insulated roof panels. The beam provides conduit for your wiring and adds strength to the roof panel to support the load of your ceiling fan.

Alumawood Roof Panel Installation

Add base caps.

The base caps trim out the bottom of the posts. The caps can also be used as crown caps on doubleheader beams.

What comes with the Kit?

The kit comes with insulated roof panels, an easy to clean gutter, front fascia, side fascia, panel hanger, flashing, downspouts, posts, post side plates, support header beams, brackets, caulking, and hardware.

The homeowner will need basic tools for assembly.

Insulated Roof Panels

Foam core panels are three inches thick and have aluminum skin on top and bottom. The panels snap together with the “snap-lock” design, creating a water-tight, structural connection.

The panels emulate the look of 8″ board planking, and they’re also embossed with Alumawood cedar grain texture.

The roof panels look the same on the top as they do from below, a selling point for second-story homes where you can see the top of the patio cover roof from your window.

Is there a gutter?

Yes, the gutter collects the water shed from the roof panels and then down the provided downspouts.


DIY Customer Photos

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you walk on an insulated patio cover?

You can walk on the Insulated panels. Popular for two-story homes for maintenance and a way to escape your home in case of a fire or other emergency from an upstairs window.

Are insulated patio covers worth it?

Insulated roof panels are a good investment for those in hot climates, especially in areas with limited airflow. The foam insulation slows the transfer of heat, resulting in a significant temperature difference, particularly in the absence of a cooling breeze.

Can you put solar panels on alumawood patio cover?

The insulated Alumawood roof panels can support solar panels that are up to 3 pounds per square foot. To support the weight of the solar panels, each roof panel must have a fan beam. The walkable insulated roof panels allow maintenance of your solar panels.