Non-insulated Alumawood DIY Patio Kits are the most popular because they’re functional and beautiful.

The durable wood-grained aluminum protects you from the elements so you can enjoy your patio year-round at a reasonable cost.

Why choose the Non-Insulated?

The non-insulated DIY patio kit has the same look and quality as the insulated cover but for less money.

They are durable, practical, attractive, and have the custom options available that customers want in a patio cover, such as sizes, colors, lights, fans, etc.

Alumawood un-Insulated covers are the best bang for your buck. That’s why they have remained the most popular aluminum cover in the industry for the past 20 years.

Patrick Silva Alumawood Sitting Area in Roseville California
Alumawood Insulated White Patio Ceiling Fans

Transform your patio into an extension of your living room.

To increase living space, Austin W. built this DIY patio to cover his outdoor bar and seating area to watch TV and visit with friends. He included two ceiling fans to keep the place cool in the summer and outdoor heaters to warm it in the winter.

Make a new hangout spot anywhere in your yard.

Mike H. created a comfortable seating area around his fire pit for cool evenings. The freestanding cover makes it possible to put a cover anywhere you want and maximize the space you have.

Spend more time relaxing by your pool all year.

After the new pool was installed, Russ D. realized he needed somewhere to escape the sun in the hotter months. His family can also enjoy the patio during the rainy season.

Get ideas of what an aluminum patio cover can do for your outdoor space.

See our DIY customer’s projects page to get ideas.

What comes with the Kit?

The kit comes with roof panels, gutter, front fascia, side fascia, panel hanger, flashing, downspouts, posts, post side plates, support header beams, brackets, caulking, and hardware. The homeowner will need basic tools for assembly.

aluminum non-insulated roof panels interlock design

Non-Insulated Roof Panels

The non-insulated roof panels, also known as flat pans, are very popular because they look nice, are affordable, and have proven to be very durable.

Each panel is six inches wide and connected with a water-tight, industry-standard interlocking design that is strong and easy to install.

Non-insulated panels offer value as they can span further and come with a much lower price tag than insulated panels, making them an excellent choice for most applications.

The picture above shows the tongue and groove ceiling of the non-insulated roof panels.

Does the patio come with a gutter?

Yes, the patio kit comes standard with a gutter. The roof panels terminate into the gutter, and the water runs down the downspouts secured to your posts.


Upgrading to the Easy Clean Gutter

If you have large trees in your backyard that drop large amounts of leaves or needles, we recommend upgrading to the Easy Clean Gutter. Its open trough design allows you to scoop out the large debris.

How do Alumawood covers attach?

The covers can either attach to your homes wall, fascia or rooftop.
If that’s not an option you can go freestanding.





Make it your patio cover.

Alumawood can be customized to complement your home.
Choose the color, end cap cut, and options such as lights, ceiling fan or base-caps.


Available in White, Desert Sand, Mojave Tan, Latte, Adobe, Spanish Brown, and Graphite.
Select a solid color for the entire cover or a two-tone color, with the ceiling being a different color for contrast.

Color chart for Alumawood compared to a wood deck.

Janelle K. chose the desert sand for her roof panels, and Spanish brown for the posts, header beams, and trim.

For a fresh and clean look, Walter A. chose white.

End Caps

Four types of end cap cuts, Corbel, Mitered, Scalloped, and Beveled.

Attachments for aluminum patio covers

Smooth Front Fascia

If you want straight, clean lines, you can choose not to have false tails.
You can choose a Beveled, Corbel, Scalloped, or Mitered end cap for the header beam; however, the Beveled is the most popular with the smooth front fascia.

Accessories to upgrade your cover.

Add recessed lighting.

1.) We offer individual recessed lights that you can wire and connect to your home.
2.) Or upgrade to the AlumaGlow Lights. You get a complete recessed lighting kit with ceiling downlights, wiring, a remote, and voice control.

Alumawood Roof Panel Installation

Add ceiling fan beams.

The fan beam creates a mounting location for your ceiling fans. The beam is installed on top of the roof panel, out of sight, and a roof cap is included to create a “dry panel” to run your wiring. Purchase your outdoor ceiling fan locally.

Alumawood Roof Panel Installation

Add base caps.

The base caps trim out the bottom of the posts. The caps can also be used as crown caps on doubleheader beams.

How to Do It Yourself

Patio Cover Benefits


Prevent sun damage to home and patio furniture.


Reduces cooling costs.


Add value to your home.


Spend quality time with family outside.


BBQ Year-Round.

DIY Customer Photos

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I walk on top of the non-insulated patio covers?

The manufacturer does not recommend walking on top of the Non-Insulated aluminum roof. If you need to gain access to the roof of your patio cover, you need the insulated roof as it can be walked on.

Can you install Collaroo shades on the Alumawood patio cover?

Yes, the shades can be attached to the header beam or side fascia. You can purchase Alumahangers that make the installation easy.

How heavy is Alumawood?

The aluminum is strong, but light which means transporting and assembling the cover can typically be done by one to two people.


Here’s What People Are Saying

Thank you Try-Tech for the great customer service, my husband and I installed the cover and couldn’t be happier with the quality. It’s truly added to our backyard.

Rachel T. from Temecula, CA

I replaced an old wood pergola that had dry rot, the new Alumawood pergola looks so much better than I thought and I don’t have to replace it again. Great product!

Mike W. from Sacramento, CA

My husband and I were surprised that we actually installed this cover ourselves, it was so much easier than we thought and it looks fantastic.

Kathy H. from Phoenix, AZ