Traditional Aluminum Awnings for customers on a budget.

This classic aluminum awning has been around since the 1960s. They have a clean design and are made from durable aluminum that will last and not break the bank.

Save money and Do-It-Yourself

A DIY aluminum patio cover is a great home improvement project, the cover adds value to your home and provides a space for entertaining or simply relaxing outside with the family.

The covers are inexpensive and you will save even more money by doing the installation yourself.

Alumawood Roof Panel Installation

The aluminum awnings covers are time tested.

Alumawood Insulated White Patio Ceiling Fans

Replace your old, tired wood patio cover.

Jayne S. wanted to replace her old rotted wood patio cover with an aluminum cover like her neighbor. Her neighbor purchased one from us a few years before and she liked how the aluminum required no more painting.

Add needed outside coverage to your home.

Larry C. built his home and realized he needed to have an outside covered area added to his home. The sun and rain were beating his house, and his dogs needed somewhere to get out of the sun.

Beat the heat during those hot Summer months.

Russ D. wasn’t able to spend time out on his deck due to the beating sun, so he added this aluminum patio cover so he could enjoy overlooking his pool while having a cold beer.

How do I buy my DIY Patio Cover?

1.) Design your cover
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Measure the area you want to cover.

2.) Get a Quote
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Or, give us call and we can assist you over the phone.

3.) Order
Call us to review your design and place your order over the phone.

Where do I pick up my cover?

Pick up your cover in Hemet/Romoland, Sacramento, Phoenix, or Salem.

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Why choose the Traditional Aluminum Awning?

The traditional awnings made aluminum covers popular; customers loved the low price tag and how well they withstand the harsh elements, lasting for decades, many still standing from the 1960s.

Before Alumawood became popular, we sold thousands of these covers. In the 1990s, they were the market’s most popular and trusted patio awning style. These are plain Jane kits, they come in white only, and the finish is smooth, with no lighting options or ceiling fan mount available. 

These covers are a steal if you don’t need the fancy options of the more modern patio covers.

Patio cover options include, the attachment, cover size and post height.


Can a homeowner install this kit?

If you’re handy and have DIY experience, you can install your patio cover. 

Do It Yourself Kits usually only take a weekend to install for the average Homeowner with basic Hand Tools.  The Tools needed are relatively inexpensive and can be found at any home center (Home Depot, Lowes, Harbor Freight, etc..). Also, many places have them available for rent.

Every kit comes with Installation Instructions to walk you through every step.

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How to Do It Yourself

Aluminum Awning Benefits


Cover is low maintenance.


Comes with build in gutter and downspout.


Strong design to withstand the elements.


Aluminum will last for decades.


Add living space to your home.

How do I attach to my house?

The covers either attach to your wall, fascia board, or roof top.

How to build a free standing cover?
The posts are sunk into concrete footings for stability.

Attachments for aluminum patio covers