Alumawood Insulated vs Non-Insulated roof panels.

Insulated panels have a 3″ thick foam core and the non-insulated are a single layer formed panel without insulation.

Alumawood Panel Comparison

Made from aluminum with a cedar embossed texture and a limited lifetime warranty, both make a good choice depending on your application.

The insulated panels are about 50% more expensive than the non-insulated ones because the insulated panels have a three-inch thick foam core.

The foam core insulation reduces the heat transfer from the sun and also allows maintenance as it is a walkable roof.

Non-Insulated Newport Panels

Industry Standard Interlock Design

Non-Insulated Details:
2 1/2″ tall x 6″ wide Non-Insulated Panel Single Sheet, No Foam
Bottom of Panel: 3″ Tongue & Groove Design
Top of Panel: Standing Seam Roof (you can see the walls of the panels)
Available in: White, Desert Sand, Mojave Tan, Adobe, and Latte.

3″ Insulated Maxx Panels

Snap-N-Lock Interlock design creates a strong connection and is easy to install.

High Density EPS 3″ thick 1lb Closed Cell Foam
4′-0″ Panel Width
Aluminum Skin on both sides
8″ planked design Top & Bottom
Available in White or Desert Sand.

3″ Maxx Insulated Panel Performance
Up to 15 Degrees Cooler!

Insulated will keep the area cooler, especially in late afternoon if the sun beats down on the patio.

Insulated looks nice from above and below, even from a 2nd Story Window, popular with HOA’s.

Insulated is even quieter in heavy rain storms. A plus if patio is next to your bedroom.

Available Panel Accessories

Both covers offer an option for a ceiling fan beam.

The Newport non-insulated panels use a beam that lays on top of the roof panel, and the panel is covered with a cap to create a dry roof panel.

With the insulated cover, the fan beam is built into the roof panel foam core.

LED Lights can be installed in either panel system.