Alumawood End Caps allow you to customize the cover to compliment your home.

You can choose Corbel, Scalloped, Mitered, and Beveled end caps.

Where do the End caps go?

The end caps go on the header beams and the rafter tails; the header beams are 3″ x 8″, and the rafter tails are 2″ x 6 1/2″.

The non-insulated Newport and insulated patio covers have one-foot-long false rafter tails, and the Laguna Lattice covers have rafters.

There is no price difference between the Corbel, Scalloped, Mitered, or Beveled end caps.

The end caps are selected at the time of order.

Non-Insulated Newport and Insulated Covers: Header Beam, Side Fascia’s, and False Tails.

Pergola Lattice Covers: Beam and Rafters.

What end cap should I choose?

Select the end cap style that goes with the overall design of your home.

The Corbel or Mitered Cap is an excellent choice for homes with straight lines and intricate details.

Scalloped Caps are the best choice for homes with curved details and trim.

For modern and contemporary homes, the Beveled Cap is the ideal option.

Do Alumawood end caps cost extra?

The end cap and color options are included at no extra cost because our aluminum patio covers are custom-made to order. Alumawood covers are created using large coils of aluminum, and when you place your order, the factory pulls the aluminum coil from your chosen color, and then is formed, and the ends of the beams and rafters are cut to your choice of end style. See your available Alumawood color options.

Solid Roof End Caps

Alumawood Insulated White Patio Ceiling Fans
Alumawood Insulated White Patio Ceiling Fans

No False Tails / Smooth Front Fascia

You can omit false tails if you want a modern, clean appearance with straight lines. The smooth front fascia looks the best with the Beveled end caps, although you still have the option to use the Corbel, Scalloped, or Mitered end caps on the header beams.

Pergola Lattice End Caps

Alumawood Insulated White Patio Ceiling Fans