Alumawood Colors. View Alumawood Patio Color Chart.

Choose from seven beautiful colors: White, Desert Sand, Mojave Tan, Adobe, Latte, Spanish Brown, and Graphite for your Alumawood Non-Insulated, Insulated or Pergola Lattice Cover.

Alumawood Colors, White, Desert Sand, Spanish Brown, Graphite, Mojave Tan, Adobe, Latte

What color does Alumawood come in?

  • White: Classic White.
  • Desert Sand: Light Tan / Beige.
  • Mojave Tan: Cool Tone Tan with a touch of Gray.
  • Latte: Coffee with Cream in it.
  • Adobe: Taupe with a hint of green.
  • Spanish Brown: Rich, Dark Chocolate.
  • Graphite: Dark Gray. Graphite is our newest color.
White Alumawood Patio Cover Color

White: Looks clean and is the most versatile, complementing any home. White helps to reduce heat under the patio cover because of its reflective properties that deflect heat and UV rays.

Desert Sand Alumawood Patio Cover Color

Desert Sand: With its neutral tone, it complements warm-colored backyards.

Mojave Tan Alumawood Patio Cover Color

Mojave Tan: Offers a cool-toned tan with a subtle touch of gray, ideal for creating a seamless blend with the natural surroundings of dry, earthy environments.

Latte Alumawood Patio Cover Color

Latte: Creates a warm and soothing ambiance, resembling coffee and cream.

Adobe Alumawood Patio Cover Color

Adobe: Taupe with a subtle touch of green, providing a depth of warmth and charm.

Spanish Brown Alumawood Patio Cover Color

Spanish Brown: Luxurious, indulgent shade of rich, dark chocolate. Its warm tones add a touch of elegance, creating a natural and rustic ambiance, the closest resemblance to actual wood.

Graphite Alumawood Patio Cover Color

Graphite: Dark gray contemporary shade that is sleek and has a modern feel, creating a bold statement.

Can Alumawood be two different colors?

Alumawood can be ordered in two different colors. The two-tone combos have the roof being one color, and the posts, header beams, and trim are another color.

The two most popular two-tone colors are Desert Sand and Spanish Brown, which is striking; the other is White and Graphite, which give a clean and modern look.

The Spanish Brown is popular in Phoenix as it contrasts well with the earth tones and how closely it resembles wood.

Desert Sand and Spanish Brown Alumawood Non-Insulated Cover

Two-Tone: Desert Sand and Spanish Brown

DESERT SAND: Roof Panels.
SPANISH BROWN: Posts, Header Beam, Trim & False Tails.
Non-Insulated Alumawood Patio Cover.

White and Graphite Alumawood Insulated Patio Cover

Two-Tone: White & Graphite

WHITE: Roof Panels.
GRAPHITE: Posts, Header Beam & Trim (No False Tails).
Insulated Alumawood Patio Cover.

What is the most popular Alumawood color?

White has always been the most popular Alumawood color, as it is so versatile it goes with almost any home.
The color of your Alumawood patio cover should go with the color of your home if it matches closely or contrasts.
You can also do a two-tone cover, which has become very popular.
Color samples are available upon request.

How much does the Alumawood color choice cost?

The choice of color is free. As the colors are a free option, so are the end caps.
The end caps are available in corbel, scalloped, mitered, or beveled.

The choice of color and end caps will make your cover go with the look of your home.
Visit our Alumawood End Caps to see your options.

Note: Adobe is a chameleon color. It changes depending on what it’s next to, so please consider that if picking this color. It can pull very green, gray, or taupe.

The insulated roof panels are available in white or desert sand.

What is Alumawood’s Paint Warranty?

The paint is covered by a Lifetime Limited Warranty. The paint finish is guaranteed to not chip, peel, flake, or blister under conditions of normal wear.
Plus, the warranty is transferrable if you decide to sell your home.
View the Alumawood Warranty.

The Look and Feel of Alumawood

The aluminum is embossed with a textured cedar wood-grained finish and painted with the most durable paint system on the aluminum patio cover market. Unlike wood, you will not have to repaint the patio cover; lightly clean and rinse off Alumawood once a year.

The Alumawood colors work very well with the neutral Stucco colors found in most housing developments, typically quickly approved in HOA’s.

Alumawood colors at sunset vs daylight

Alumawood changes color at Sunset.

The scattering phenomenon causes colors to be orange and red at sunset when most people enjoy their patio covers.
See the effect it has on the colors in this picture.

We recommend getting color samples to see what the color will look like next to your home during the day or evening.

Can Alumawood be painted?

Yes. You can paint Alumawood. We recommend speaking with a professional, dedicated paint store like Sherwin-Williams to get the right products and advice. The correct products and prep make all the difference.

Note: Painting Alumawood does void the paint section of the warranty. You have to decide if losing the paint warranty is your best option.

Color Samples are available

Online color samples are never an exact representation of real life. If you need to know the actual color or have any other uncertainty regarding the color, please request color samples.

Color chart for Alumawood compared to a wood deck.
Please note: Sonora Beige has been discontinued from the Alumawood product line.

Durability of Alumawood Paint

Weather-resistant Aluma-Shield℠ paint finish withstands the harshest conditions, including sun, rain, wind, and extreme temperatures. The exclusive Aluma-Shield℠ paint system is a silicone polyester. The paint is cured in a paint line oven, with the addition of a Teflon® surface protector to provide extended longevity, superior durability, and ease of maintenance.

Alumawood has transformed what customers expect from a patio cover. Alumawood is not only strong and durable but looks brand new for decades.

Alumawood™ Paint Warranty: Paint Finish will not chip, peel, flake, or blister under conditions of normal wear for the life of the original retail purchaser.

Alumashield Paint Line for Alumawood Patio Covers made by Amerimax Building Products
Dupont Surface Protector for Alumawood Patio Cover Paint

Paint has a Teflon Additive

TEFLON® is a registered Trademark of DuPont used under license by AMERIMAX BUILDING PRODUCTS, INC.

Paint with a Teflon additive is an effective surface protectant that acts as a self-cleaner. When you rinse off the cover, the dirt and debris will not stick to the paint finish, making it rinse off quickly without the need for scrubbing.

This Teflon additive provides superior protection compared to other paint finishes without a surface protectant. High-quality Alumawood paint will keep your patio covers looking clean and pristine.

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Alumawood Desert Sand Color
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Alumawood Latte Color
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