Alumawood Lighting

Adding Alumawood lights is a must, as it will make your back patio an extension of your living space at night. Lights are affordable and easy to install, and the lights allow you to extend the time you spend outdoors, giving you a better patio experience and creating lasting memories.

AlumaGlow Light Kit
AlumaGlow Lights, available in 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 light kits.
AlumaGlow Lighting Kit

How do you attach lights to an aluminum patio cover?

You have three ways to add lights to your aluminum patio cover. Lighting options include flush-mounted recessed LED lights by AlumaGlow, cafe-style string lights with Alumahooks or zip ties; or you can add a ceiling fan with a light.

What lights do you sell with your Alumawood patio covers?

We sell recessed LED Lights as they give the best light and give your patio cover a premium look.

1.) We offer individual recessed lights that you can wire and connect to your home.

2.) Or, Upgrade to an AlumaGlow Light Kit. You get a complete recessed lighting kit with ceiling downlights, wiring, and a remote, and works with Alexa and Google voice control.
LED Lights are available for the Non-Insulated, Insulated, and Pergola Lattice covers.


AlumaGlow Recessed Light Kit on Alumawood Patio Cover

How are the recessed lights installed?

Unlike inferior plastic puck surface lights, our premium aluminum recessed lights offer a sleek and seamless installation process.
They are designed to be mounted securely with spring-loaded clips into a 4 1/4″ hole.
Cutting the hole is a breeze with a hole saw, conveniently available at Home Depot or Lowes.

Is recessed lighting worth it?

Patio lighting is a must-have for customers who want to relax and unwind under their patio cover in the evenings.

The recessed lights offer a comfortable and balanced illumination with evenly distributed light, creating a soft and gentle glow that is easy on the eyes.

Recessed lighting adds value to your patio cover, the even light distribution is significantly better than ceiling fan or wall mount lights.

Additionally, these lights are discreet and stylish, adding a touch of class to your patio area.

How many recessed lights should a patio cover have?

We highly recommend installing at least four recessed lights for patio covers up to 20′ in length, six for covers up to 40′ in size, and eight for more extended covers.

What are the benefits of recessed lighting?

Adding recessed lights enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of your patio cover while providing functional lighting for your outdoor space.

Whether hosting a backyard party, enjoying a quiet evening outdoors, or simply looking to brighten your patio, the right amount of recessed lights can create the perfect ambiance.

With our DIY Patio Covers, you can easily incorporate recessed lights into your design, elevating your outdoor living experience and enjoying the beauty and practicality that proper lighting can bring to your patio cover.

AlumaGlow Aluminum Patio Cover Recessed Lighting Kit
Alumawood Insulated White Patio Ceiling Fans

Add recessed lighting for nights by the pool.

Enhance your poolside experience, extending the time you can entertain by the pool and creating an inviting atmosphere at night.

Non-Insulated Newport

Insulated Maxx Panels


How do I hang Cafe String Lights?

Hang Edison-style market string lights without drilling or using screws using Alumahangers, which are simple hook-style hangers that will hold the wire of your string lights.

Alumahooks are also used for hanging pull down shades, small plants, bird feeders, or even misters.

Zip Ties: For pergola covers you can also use Outdoor-rated Zip Ties by securing the string light wire with the zip ties around a lattice tube, rafter, or header beam.

Ceiling Fan lights

It’s worth noting that many ceiling fan lights come with remote controls for convenient light control.
Visit our Ceiling Fan Beam page to learn about Ceiling Fans.

Insulated cover with recessed AlumaGlow LED Lights

Create your own personalized outdoor patio lighting, just like Gene P., from Fair Oaks, CA, uses his ceiling lights while seated at the table while having dinner and enjoys the gentle glow of the string lights when relaxing by the fire pit enjoying an evening drink.