Enhance your comfort by adding a ceiling fan to your Alumawood Patio Cover.

The fan will create a fresh breeze, reducing heat and increasing the time you want to spend outside with your family.

How do I install a ceiling fan on my patio cover?

A ceiling fan requires the addition of a fan beam to effectively support the weight of the ceiling fan and prevent any strain on the roof panels or rafters.
Proper ceiling fan installation will ensure the longevity and stability of your patio cover.

Don’t regret the decision not to install a ceiling fan.

Many customers regret not purchasing the fan beam, as it must be installed during the patio cover construction. We receive many phone calls yearly from customers who wish they would have done it.

Adding the fan gives you the opportunity for light.

Additionally, opting for a ceiling fan with a built-in light provides a budget-friendly alternative to recessed lights, allowing lighting without the need for additional fixtures.

Alumawood Insulated White Patio Ceiling Fans

Non-Insulated Patio Covers

The fan beam is placed on top of the roof panel, attached to the house, and extends beyond the header beam. A flashing cap covers this roof panel, which creates a dry panel to keep the electrical and fan safe from the elements.

Insulated Patio Covers

The fan beam is embedded in the foam core of the roof panel. The beam not only supports the ceiling fan but also creates an accessor for wires. The beam runs the full length of the roof panel.

Pergola Lattice Covers

The pergola lattice changed how Phillip B. uses his patio, now his wife and three sons have room to sit by the firepit and relax as a family.

Should I get the fan beam?

If you’re asking this question, the answer is probably yes.
The ceiling fan is the most popular Alumawood patio cover add-on. The air movement pulls in fresh air, creating a more usable space when it gets warm.

How many fan beams should I get?

That is up to you. Typically, one to two fan beams are enough for most covers.

Do I need a outdoor-rated ceiling fan?

Due to moisture and dust, your patio cover must have an outdoor-rated ceiling fan because fan motors will not last, and fan blades will droop over time.

Is the fan beam included with the kit?

No. The fan beam is an add-on option that you purchase for an additional price.

Is Wiring included?

No. Wiring is not included. You will purchase your wiring locally.

Does the ceiling fan come with the kit?

No. The ceiling fan you purchase locally.

Does the fan come with UL Approval?

Fan Beam & Patio Cover, not UL Approved. A certified Electrician may be required to install electrical. No wiring installation instructions are available.
Conformance to the applicable electrical code is outside the scope of the ICC ESR 1398 Engineering Report and must be approved separately.

Should I hire an electrician to install my wiring and ceiling fan?

Yes. We always recommend hiring an electrician.

Fan beam for Non-Insulated cover

The fan beam is being installed on top of the non-insulated roof panel.

Fan Beam Dimensions: 1 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ x 0.048″ 6005T5 Aluminum.

Roof Panel Cap for Non-Insulated cover

The cap covers the entire roof panel to create the dry panel.

Insulated Roof Panel Fan Beam

This fan beam serves as a support for a ceiling fan and provides a conduit for wiring.

Where is the fan beam in the panel?

It is in the middle of the four-foot-wide roof panel and runs the entire length.

What are the specifications of the fan beam?

The fan beam is made from aluminum and measures 2″ x 3″ x .070″.

Is the fan beam visible?

After installation, the fan beam is not visible from above or below.