A wood ledger board wrap protects the wood ledger board from the elements.

Over time, exposed wood will inevitably rot; don’t let the wood reduce the lifespan of your aluminum cover which is designed to last for decades.

Ledger Board Cover

The cover is a fully enclosed rectangular box that slides over your wood ledger board.

Two end caps seal both ends of the ledger wrap. The inside dimension of the ledger wrap is 2″ x 6 1/2″.

Do I need a Ledger Board?

Lattice covers may need a ledger board for attaching to the home’s wall; however, rooftop attachments require a ledger board for the lattice and solid covers.

The wood ledger board is not included with your kit; purchase lumber locally at any home center. We recommend painting the wood before installation for extended life.

Why is the ledger board cover not included with the kit?

A ledger wrap is an option. Many customers like the Alumawood ledger wrap, but some prefer the ledger board to match their house wall. These customers will paint the wood ledger board to blend in with the wall.