Don’t be fooled by imitators. How To Identify Alumawood

Alumawood is stamped on the inside of the 3×8 header beam with the manufacturer’s stamp.  There’s only ONE Alumawood!

Identifying Genuine Alumawood™ Materials A buyer beware regarding Alumawood™ “Bait & Switch”

How to Identify Alumawood™ Materials

Here are some ways to notice Alumawood™ from the imitators right off the bat before ordering and also some ways to verify you receive Alumawood™.


Before ordering Alumawood™.

Wood Grain Texture: Alumawood™ materials are embossed to give a cedar grain finish; the cedar embossed wood grain texture is unique to Alumawood™; some of the imitators use a more prominent and heavier embossed wood grain texture (some refer to this as a driftwood texture).

Color Names: The Alumawood colors are White, Desert Sand, Mojave Tan, Latte, Adobe, Spanish Brown, and Graphite; Alumawood™is not available in Ivory, Champagne, Platinum, Almond, Cameo, Brown, etc., as those are names from the imitating manufacturers.

Teflon Surface Protector: The exclusive Aluma-Shield℠ paint system has the addition of Teflon® surface protector to provide extended longevity, superior durability, and ease of maintenance; no imitator has a Teflon® surface protector.

Product Names: The Brand name is Alumawood™, not Aluma Wood or Aluma-Wood, Durawood, Ultra Lattice, Elitewood, and so forth; the only Covers available by Alumawood™ are the Solid Roof Newport Patio covers and the Open Roof Laguna Pergola Lattice covers.

Verifying you received Alumawood™

Packing Slip: Whether you purchase from a Do-It-Yourself Supplier or a Contractor, you will want to view the packing slip, which should be from Amerimax Building Products, Inc.

Engineering Report: If you should receive a copy of the product Engineering Report, the Report should have Amerimax Building Products listed as the Manufacturer.

Label on Product: “AMERIMAX ALUMAWOOD” is stamped in black ink inside the 2″ x 6 ½” Rafters and 3″ x 8″ Beams. To see the ink stamp take off, an end cap of the 2″ x 6 ½” Rafters and 3″ x 8″ Beams, “AMERIMAX ALUMAWOOD” ink stamp (see picture below) should be there.