Factory Direct Pick-Up is available so you can save time and money!

Locations in Romoland, CA, Sacramento, CA & Phoenix, AZ & Salem, OR for Homeowners, Contractors, Landscapers, or Handyman.

Amerimax Building Products Pick Up Locations

  • Romoland, CA
    28921 East Hwy. 74 Romoland, CA  92585
  • Sacramento, CA
    1835 Diesel Dr. Sacramento,  CA  95383
  • Phoenix, AZ
    1010 N 47th Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85043
  • Salem, OR
    3315 Aumsville Hwy SE Suite 130 Salem, OR 97317

 Please Note: No walk-ins available at the factory pick up locations.
They do not have showrooms or sales help. Contact us for help.

Will I be able to pick it up by myself?

The materials provided for the DIY Aluminum Patio Covers are easily handled; materials are lightweight, primarily made from aluminum, making them manageable for two people to move.

Many customers rent a utility or flat car trailer from U-Haul, Home Depot, or a local rental yard. Alternatively, rent a box truck, moving van, or enclosed car hauler, while contractors often utilize pipe racks.

What size trailer do I need?

Depending on the size of the patio cover, a 16′-20′ trailer, box van, or pipe rack may be necessary, while smaller covers may only require a 12′-14′ trailer. During the order process we will go over your order details and let you know what trailer you will need.

Check locally for a good rental yard; the trailers can be rented cheap, for generally about $100 for the day. If you have trouble locating a trailer please contact us and we can help assist you in finding a local trailer or truck rental company.

The process for picking up your order.

The product featured in the following photos is an Alumawood Pergola Lattice Cover, which serves as an example.

While the materials of your patio cover kit may vary, the fundamental concept remains the same.


Amerimax pick up facility, where your order will be waiting. Your order will be pulled for you when you arrive. 

A component list is provided at the pick up facility. It is important to check off the materials on the list to ensure that the entire order has been received.

Your materials are not boxed, but rather conveniently grouped together and securely wrapped with packing wrap which makes for a quick loading process.

You and a friend can safely move your materials by hand. It is important to ensure that the materials are fully supported.