Terms and Conditions

By accessing www.try-tech.com, any of our social media pages, or by contacting Try-Tech via email, web form, text, phone, or other method you are agreeing to our company policies.
Product Pricing: This site may be changed at any time. We reserve the right to change prices without notice based on availability and supply. We are not responsible for clerical, printing, and/or Web publishing errors. All phone and email quotes are not a guarantee of price as we may find error(s) in the quote, or our costs may change; price on order Contract is confirmed price once we deposit your check or charge your credit card. All prices shown are in U.S. Dollars.
Acceptance: This proposal/contract is approved and accepted. I (we) understand there are no oral agreements or understandings between the parties of this agreement. The entire agreement between the parties includes the written terms, provisions, plans (if any), specifications, and any other contract documents (if any) included with this proposal/contract. Changes in this agreement shall be done by written change order only and with the express approval of both parties before the commencement of any work covered by the change order. Changes may incur additional charges.
Internet Access: Much of the communication with the customer is done via email or text. The customer requires internet access. The customer needs to be able to communicate via email and text. Having Internet access applies to general back-and-forth communication and receiving documents, including your product instructions, engineering, and other documents. Internet access includes having a service for accessing the Internet and a device to access the Internet. Some documents are hard to read on a cell phone, and a customer must have access to a desktop computer. We do not print and mail anything.
Quotes and Inquiries: Try-Tech works very hard with customers to find a solution for their patio needs. Our experience and expertise show us when our product will not work for their application. In some cases, Try-Tech may decline to do a job for various reasons. Try-Tech may refuse any job anytime, for any reason, without explanation. Sometimes no is hard to hear, but Try-Tech doesn’t want to take on a job that will not get the result the customer is looking for on their project.
Purchaser Agreement: By agreeing to this contract, you’re verifying that all parties involved on your end agree and are aware of the policies, time frame, details, etc. Contractors and Handymen take responsibility for their customers agreeing to all our policies. Contractors must review all this information with their customers and verify they agree to our terms and conditions. The terms and conditions also apply to anyone purchasing a cover for a spouse, father, mother, loved one, Customer, friend, etc. You are the representation that all parties agree with our contract. For example, if you fail to inform your customer of the time frame and want to cancel the job with you, you will still be responsible for the patio cover. No cancellations or modifications of any kind will be made. All sales are final. With all sales being final, Try-Tech’s retains the rights to cancel a customer’s order and, or issue a credit. Any cancellations have a minimum office fee of 10%. The office fee may be more than 10%, which is also at Try-Tech’s discretion. Try-Tech is not obligated to issue any credits; as noted before, the customer cannot cancel their order. It is solely under Try-Tech’s discretion to cancel or give credit to a customer.
Custom Order Items: All orders that are custom to your specifications (colors, size, etc.) are non-returnable, and orders cannot be canceled once placed (All but not limited to Awnings, Patio Covers, and Carports). These products are custom-made to your order; they are not “off-the-shelf parts.” Items are custom manufactured to your exact specifications. We do not warehouse these products due to the specific nature of each order. For obvious reasons, they cannot be returned under any circumstances. Every cover that we sell is custom made even though they are posted on our website in standard sizes is for pricing only; none of these products are manufactured until you have placed your order. All custom orders once shipped cannot have shipment refused. If you do refuse the shipment, you will get no credit for goods or shipping. If an order did get refused, it would go back to the manufacturer, and the manufacturer does not warehouse finished products, all materials sent back are scrapped. Try-Tech is not responsible for any color matching; if you are trying to match a color to your house or anything else, it is your responsibility to make sure the colors will match. All colors are shown on the website, and the colors will vary depending on your computer screen settings which we have no control over. If you need to know the exact color, you must request color samples and look at the color in person. There are no refunds for customers who order the wrong color. It is the Customer’s responsibility to verify that they have the correct Live Load and Wind Speed needed with their local building department before any order is placed. It is the Customer’s responsibility for proper approval of installation by any of the following: Landlords, Homeowners Associations / CCRs (Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions), City Ordinances, etc… If, for some reason, the custom system ordered was not manufactured as ordered, you will be supplied any additional needed materials to complete your original order at Try-Tech’s discretion. Any additional materials not on the original order will be an additional charge (materials & shipping).
Backorders: On occasion, an item may be on back order, which may affect the time frame of order. Try-Tech is not responsible for any delays. No cancellations or credits are given for backorders.
Payment Methods: We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover for pick up orders. When using Credit Cards, the name and billing address associated with your card must match what you enter on our payment information page, or we will not accept the order. We also accept cashier’s checks or money orders. Orders will be placed only after we have received payment. Payment by check is required for all orders shipped via freight truck. We also do accept personal checks; however, orders will only be placed after the check has cleared.
Shipping via UPS: UPS deliveries must be within the Continental U.S. UPS will not deliver to APO, FPO or P.O. Box #’s. Deliveries to non-UPS shippable addresses may take longer to arrive and may cost more money. We do not offer “Special Shipping” (3-Day, 2-Day, Overnight, etc.), we ship UPS Ground Only. The Customer is responsible for providing the correct address, and the Customer will be responsible for all additional charges associated with the incorrect address and getting the final delivery.
Customer Pick Ups: The Customer assumes all responsibility for bringing the proper vehicle/carrier to haul materials. If you must make more than one trip, the Customer will not be reimbursed for any time or expense incurred. Your order must be picked up within one week from when you’re informed it is ready for pick up. There will be a daily fee after one week has elapsed, and payment will be due before your order is released. Your order will be considered abandoned after one month. The factory pick up location is not a storage facility, and abandoned orders will be discarded, and no refund will be given for discarded materials. The order will be a total loss to the Customer. Abandoned covers will be discarded without exception, including but not limited to injury or other health issues, death, incarceration, divorce, license issue, natural disaster, or any other reason. An estate executor, power of attorney, or other caretakers falls under the same policy for abandoned orders and will need to have the order picked up within the timeframe given, with no exceptions. The Customer is responsible for ensuring that all materials are received at pickup time. Do not leave without inspecting your materials. Verify you receive ALL materials and that they are in good condition. Once you sign and go, you’re saying you have all your materials in good condition. The Customer is responsible and will have to pay for any materials damaged or missing found after leaving the pickup facility. If you’re unsure, ask the factory employee for help. It may take some time to unwrap and go through the materials; give yourself plenty of time. If you think it’s not worth checking your order, that’s a risk that may cost you.
If any materials are missing, damaged, or incorrect, it is the Customer’s responsibility to return later to pick up the materials, with no exceptions. Materials will not be shipped out, and customers will receive no money for lost time, gas, rental equipment, labor, etc… Orders cannot be changed to a Delivery.
Factory times will vary; please verify factory hours for product pickup. It is very important for a customer to arrange a timely pickup. Customers will need to be able to move the materials by hand from the skid/pallet/cart to their vehicle (truck, trailer, box truck, etc.); please do not expect help from factory employees to load your materials it is solely up to you the Customer to load the materials onto your vehicle. You may want to bring help if you think moving the materials by yourself may be an issue. The Customer is responsible for bringing all necessary tools or tie-downs and other padding or straps to secure the load properly. The factory will not supply anything for transportation.
You need to verify that you’re receiving all the materials you ordered, take your order Contract, and use it to verify you’ve received everything. Note: The factory will supply a packing list, however, use your order Contract to verify. Once you leave, you are saying you received your complete order. If anything is missing, you may have to purchase the missing materials. If for any reason the factory is closed when the Customer arrives, the Customer will have to come back another day, with no refunds or reimbursements for time or money lost. The factory’s open hours are out of Try-Tech’s control.
Missing or Incorrect Materials: If any materials are missing, damaged, or incorrect, it is the customers’ responsibility to return later to pick up the materials, no exceptions.
Materials will not be shipped out; the Customer to receive no money for lost time, gas, rental equipment, labor, etc., etc.
Product Information: Our site has a lot of information about our products; please read all of the information about the product before placing an order. Customer is responsible for reading and understanding all information about the product being ordered. This keeps our costs down and allows us to pass the savings on to the Customer.
Product Warranties: We pass on all warranties made by the manufacturer, who has sole responsibility for performing such warranties. We will assist you in the event of a warranty issue but take on no responsibility for any expressed or implied warranty not fulfilled by the manufacturer. The manufacturer shall be solely responsible for any damage to person or property arising from the design, manufacture and testing of its products. We are not obligated to carry any item that has been discontinued by a manufacturer. All items are subject to availability. Our product lines change as the manufacturer’s and distributors’ product lines change.
Factory Warranty Procedure: We pride ourselves in selling quality products with manufacturers who stand behind their products. All Product Warranties are stated on our website. All warranties of the manufacturers are passed on to you, and it is the manufacturer’s responsibility to fulfill the warranty. We will assist you with warranty claims, if you have a problem with a product, contact us and we will contact the manufacturer and start the warranty procedure based on their company policy. All products sold on this website are subject to their original manufacturer’s warranty policies. In some cases, products that require warranty service or replacement may need to be sent back to the manufacturer. If a product must be sent back to the manufacturer, the shipping cost is the Customer’s responsibility both ways.
Product Capabilities: No written, expressed, or implied capabilities will be backed or warranted other than stated in product engineering or manufacturer warranty. Any cover sold that is outside the scope of the product engineering is the Customer’s sole liability, including failure, liability, and damages incurred to the materials, property, or injuries. No objects are designed to be hung from structure, vines of any type or other plant life are not grown or attached to on the structure any manner; Vines will constrict the material deforming it and the acidity of the plants will harm the paint and roots that will bury into the paint and eventually dig into the metal.
Product Specifications: Try-Tech represents the Manufacturer/Distributor, all product descriptions are given to us by the Manufacturer/Distributor. The Manufacturer/Distributor takes full responsibility of product descriptions. Try-Tech makes no variation from Manufacturer/Distributor descriptions. Try-Tech will supply the most current descriptions given to us by the Manufacturer/Distributor. Try-Tech makes no claims or takes any responsibility for any product descriptions including but not limiting to specifications regarding all aspects of quality, thicknesses, finishes, colors, life expectancies, product tests, etc. Try-Tech does not handle any complaints or problems relating to any discrepancy of description of product. Try-Tech gives no refunds of any kind for any discrepancy of a product, this will need to be handled between the Customer and the Manufacturer/Distributor. If you have a discrepancy for any product, Try-Tech will put you in contact with a representative from the Manufacturer/Distributor of the product in question.
Material Dimensions: All materials are manufactured within a variance of plus or minus the allowable manufacturing specifications deemed acceptable by the product manufacturer; Try-Tech makes no claims as to what the allowable variances are or should be. Materials such as posts, sideplates, side fascia’s, front fascia, gutter, downspouts, etc. are cut to the correct length but are sometimes cut long to allow Customer to make the final cut on site; do not assume the materials are cut to the correct length, always double check materials are the correct length prior to making marks, cutting, drilling, installing, etc.
Job Details: Customers need to provide accurate information to Try-Tech regarding the customers job for Try-Tech to design the product properly. Customer is responsible for understanding how to provide Try-Tech with the correct information; individual product requirements will vary, reading and understanding the information provided for your product is extremely important. This information provided by the Customer needs to be correct or the product may not meet the engineering design or function properly which may result in a building permit not being granted by your local Building Department or a product that does not perform properly. No refunds, additional materials or custom engineering will be provided for Customers who have given Try-Tech incorrect information. Customers need to take time and understand what information is needed and disclose the proper information to Try-Tech, this protects both Try-Tech and the Customer.
Instructions: A link to the Installation instructions will be emailed to Customer, a copy may be printed for reference during installation; please note that no hard copy is mailed to Customer. A hard copy of instructions from the factory may be included in the product packaging however disregard these instructions as your particular project may be different than what is shown on the factory instructions. Do not use instructions from other companies, including videos on the internet. Any mistakes made from using other instruction or videos will be the customers mistake and the Customer will be responsible for the cost of any materials.
Customer is responsible to fully comprehend and understand the installation instructions prior to assembly; if Customer does not fully understand instructions it is Customer’s responsibility to contact Try-Tech and have installation instructions explained in detail. Some procedures may be vague as they are considered common sense; the installation of the covers is not difficult and Try-Tech is more than willing to take the time to explain the procedures in detail. However, Try-Tech cannot be held liable for any incorrect installations including but not limited to mis-cutting, mis-drilling, mismeasuring, not following layout, skipping, or missing a step, or any other incorrect procedures; any damaged or un-usable materials will not be replaced at Try-Tech’s expense for any reason.
Try-Tech is closed on the weekends so that is why it is imperative for Customer to read and fully comprehend and understand the installation instructions prior to the weekend so that if Customer does have any questions customer can call Try-Tech to have any questions clarified.
Local Requirements: Customer is solely responsible for verifying that the cover purchased will meet local requirements regarding Building Department Acceptance and general building requirements including but not limited to Minimum Live Load / Snow Load, Minimum Wind Speed, Acceptance of Engineering Plans, Additional footing requirements due to frost line, Property Line Setbacks, Attachment to your structure, Attachment to your concrete pad, footings or wood deck, etc., etc. If Customer’s local Building Dept. changes the requirements or acceptance of engineering, general design, property line setbacks or anything else Try-Tech is not responsible for providing new or additional engineering, additional materials, or anything else not agreed to on order Contract. Customer is responsible for verifying local requirements and to make sure the requirements are not going to change before they obtain their permit. Customers that do not verify or follow local Building Department requirements or general building requirements will be solely responsible for the structure design, installation, and all liability of any personal or real property damage that may occur. Customer or any associated with Customer will not hold Try-Tech Industries or any representatives responsible for liability of any personal or real property damage that may occur.
Legal Fees: In the event litigation or arbitration arises out of this contract, the prevailing party(ies) are entitled to all legal, arbitration, and attorney fees.

Company Liability Status: We are an online-based company that supplies materials to homeowners, contractors, and other businesses for a variety of reasons. We do not provide any installations and therefore do not need a contractor’s license. We are a qualified, official dealer for Amerimax Building Products, who is the manufacturer of most of our offered products. We are bound to know the product and give you advice based on the premise of being an official dealer, not a licensed contractor. A licensed contractor is liable for your project even if they do not install it, and many other suppliers are also licensed contractors. Our benefit is that we are not bound for any installations that you do that do not meet code; we provide the information to correctly install the product per ICC Engineering however, we are not bound if you decide to stray from code & product engineering.
Manufactured Homes: The product engineering is intended for conventional framed homes; however, the engineering does not specifically state the product cannot be attached to a manufactured home. In essence, it is up to your local building department to allow using the Engineering we provide for your application. If you’re Building Dept. requires a SPA Engineering # or another engineering that is specific to manufactured or mobile homes, we will not be able to help you. The engineering is not designed to work with Park model trailers, travel trailers, or campers; Try-Tech will not be able to provide any engineering for attaching to these types of structures.
Obtaining a Permit: Permits are to be solely handled and obtained by homeowner and or Customer. Try-Tech makes no promises or claims of obtaining a permit for homeowner and or Customers. Per product Engineering Report ICC ESR 1398 Page 1 of 83 General Note 4: The entire engineering package is not required for most building permits. Submission for a building permit must include: a. General Notes (2 pages), b. Structural configurations (1 or 2 pages), c. Rafter span tables (for lattice structures), Panel span tables (for solid cover structures) or both (for combination structures), d. Header post spacing, footing size and post table for live/snow and wind load, e. All appropriate details, f. Other documentation required by local building authority, (f. “other documentation is solely the customers responsibility to provide needed documentation, information, etc. to obtain permit, Try-Tech is not responsible for “other documentation”, Try-Tech is only responsible for providing the product engineering report ICC ESR 1398 upon customers request).
The language referring to the purchaser may be described as the customer, you, your, or similar.